Travel Guide: Business Class Flight

Comfort, convenience, and impeccable service – that’s the short list of benefits the person gets when choosing a business class flight. Some people may wonder why to pay more if there is a cheaper alternative. However, it’s nothing but a common misconception.

Business Class Flight

The business world is based on three core values – principles, beliefs, and standards of behaviour. Business class flights share the same attitude in their performance, and, unlike the misbelief, with affordable pricing for customers. Oftentimes people consider economy flight or even premium economy as the best value for money. However, as proven by life experience, the more you are willing to save, the more it will cost you in the end.

Business class flights have unbeatable benefits, which completely make up for the price, and, as a result, even save you from extra spending. We compared the London Business Class flight to New York (bought with a discount), with the same destination of economy class. The difference was around 500$. However, when taking into account the price of the transfer, food, and overall comfort, it’s worth considering a more expensive yet all-inclusive option.

On-ground benefits

1. Check-in

Remember the long, pretty endless lines at the check-in desk? Nothing seems to be worse than that. And while you are standing there, worried about the luggage being too heavy, or the wrong-sized, or just being late for the flight, there are fully contented people, who effortlessly go through all the controls and checks, and nothing seems to be disturbing their peace of mind. Right, that’s where the business class takes its effect and helps to put an enjoyable beginning for new adventures.

Quite a few airline companies offer an additional bonus, along with a smooth check-in – access to a lounge zone.

2. Luggage

And while everyone in the economy class is trying to fit the luggage into the permissible sizes, the business class client will have no worries in that respect, and the check-in will also be quick.

3. Lounge zone access

The lounge zones for premium users look like a small paradise for both work and rest. Depending on the airport, there are cafes, sleeping rooms, playgrounds, and shops. However, this visually bustling atmosphere is very quiet, so that everyone could have some rest and prepare for the flight. There are also working stations, so busy clients will keep on working in a suitable environment.

Sometimes airlines share the same lounge zone, so it’s always worth checking for such a partnership in advance.


1. Seats

Seats are a decisive factor when regarding comfort. Limited legroom may seem like an inconvenience with a short 1-3 hours trip, yet with a long-haul flight it will feel like torture. Apart from jet lagging, “jet legging” will accompany you for a few days as well.

However, the business class will not have to experience such a disaster, as the comfortable and state-of-art seats are a distinguishing feature of every airline company. Recline seat, which can be easily turned into a bed, pillows, and blankets – that’s something every passenger dreams of, while sitting squeezed in between the seats.

Business Class Flight

2. Menu

The business class menu will definitely make you feel special, as there is everything you could possibly wish for. Full-course meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cheese platters, and desserts – the choice is better than the restaurants can offer. Besides, the menu is typically seasonal, and all the changes are published on the website, letting the passengers choose what they want in advance.

Imagine sitting in the reclining seat, as comfortable as you need, sipping champagne and watching the clouds changing their shape, enjoying the view and life. Isn’t it something to wish for?

3. Entertainment

Business class passengers seem to have no time for boredom, as they can listen to music, watch movies on a big built-in screen, and play games, and the time will pass unnoticed, unlike the economy or even premium economy class.

4. Service

Service is the hallmark of every airline company. Impeccable manners and care about the passengers, helpful hand in any situation – that’s what complements the list of business class perks. Such a flawless service is not because of the money people pay, but the ratio of crew and passengers. Besides, the passengers are not anxious and nervous because of the luggage, inconveniences, noisy neighbours, etc. That’s why the whole flight is conducted in a more peaceful and calming atmosphere.

5. Transfer

Some airlines take care of the clients from the moment they leave for the airport till the moment they reach the destination. Such exclusivity is provided by the free transfer and your own chauffeur. However, it’s important to check the conditions for such a service.

Business class is not a whim, it’s just a comfortable and affordable way to reach your destination. It may seem like an over budgeting option for many, however, after counting all the money spent for transfer, food, drinks, and the level of comfort and anxiety, the price you pay for the airline business class ticket will fully justify itself.

Enjoy your flight!