Why Advertising In Supermarkets Can Help Businesses To Capitalise On The January Sales

Advertising can be challenging for businesses, especially when the advertising landscape is highly competitive and can tend to get overcrowded. From online ads on our phones to billboards and TV ads, ads seem to be ubiquitous in our tech-savvy society. So, how can businesses create innovative and engaging ads?

advertising supermarkets

It may be a good idea to turn to supermarkets – just in time for the January sales period!

But would businesses find success in supermarket advertising?

Definitely – which is why we have curated this guide on why businesses should use advertising in supermarkets to help grow their business during busy sales periods. Keep reading to find out more!

Supermarkets And Advertising

Supermarkets as an advertising avenue are often overlooked, especially considering that online shopping has become a prominent factor in consumer behaviour – why go to the shops if you can buy it online and have it delivered to your door?

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of supermarkets when it comes to reaching consumers outside of the home and of course buying living essentials. This has helped pave the way for the rise of advertising in supermarkets.

There are a range of ad formats that can be placed and seen in supermarkets which include:

  • Posters
  • Digital screens both inside and outside of the store
  • On supermarket trolleys/shopping carts
  • Shelf displays
  • On receipts!
  • Hanging aisle signs
  • Specific brand/product stand

Advantages Of Supermarket Advertising

What is so good about advertising in supermarkets, anyway? Well, here are a few of the benefits:

  • Cost-effective – advertising in supermarkets is surely cheaper than organising an entire TV or online ad campaign, so if you need to cut down on your advertising costs, supermarket advertising is an alternative to popular ad mediums!
  • Targeting an engaged audience – although you may think that consumers in supermarkets at sale events are busy and probably unattentive to your ads, it may actually be quite the opposite. These consumers are readily looking for offers and promotions, so it would be a good idea to incorporate an offer as part of your ad to entice consumers!
  • Impulse buying research has actually shown that impulse buying is common in supermarkets, and whilst it can depend on certain factors, the bottom line is that consumers are more likely to impulse buy at supermarkets than if they were to shop online. This shows the power of supermarkets in influencing impulse buying which can help businesses increase their profits.
  • Reaching a diverse audience – at supermarkets, you are likely to find a diverse audience which can help increase your business’ brand awareness since it is being exposed to a wider audience.

Capitalising On Sales With Advertising In Supermarkets

There is without a doubt that e-commerce is a dominant player during big sale events or busy periods such as Black Friday and during the Christmas season, but another player in the game is the supermarket!

You can expect increased footfall in supermarkets during these times which is why supermarket advertising can be lucrative for businesses – so if you are planning on capitalising on upcoming January sales, placing ads in supermarkets is certainly one way to go about it.