Red Wine vs. White Wine: What Goes Best With Which Meal?

For many people, wine is simply part of a good meal. But it’s easy to make a mistake in the selection process and serve a completely inappropriate wine. This is annoying and, in the worst case, can even lead to embarrassing moments. This guide provides tips to make it easier to find the right wine. By the way, it should not prevent anyone from enjoying those wines that give pleasure. The suggestions mentioned here are mainly aimed at people who have little experience with wine and would like some meaningful suggestions on which foods pair well with red or white wine.

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Wonderful Wines For Dishes With Or Without Meat

Meat dishes are still popular. Fortunately, choosing the right wine is relatively easy. In most cases, you do everything right with a strong red wine. It is important to adapt the strength of the meat aroma to the particular dish. A strong meat flavor requires an equally strong wine. If the meat dish is deliberately refined with sweet accents, one should think about a correspondingly sweet white wine. Vegetarian and vegan dishes also benefit from white wines, but sometimes a light red wine is a good choice. If the dish was prepared with wine, the same type of wine should be found in the wine glasses at dinner.

These Wines Go Well With Seafood And Fish

In the past, the motto was: only white wine with fish, please. This has changed in the meantime. Finally, red wine is also accepted with fish, as long as a rather restrained drop is served that does not push itself too much into the foreground. However, those who prefer a classic style should buy a dry white wine such as Riesling for the fish. This combination is very common. They are also the best choice for seafood. Many dishes with fish and seafood originate from particular cultures, such as Spanish, French or Japanese. Wines typically selected for the country, such as Bordeaux Wines or Sake, can further enhance the style of the evening.

Cheese And Wine Harmonize In a Special Way

Cheese and wine varieties are available in abundance. Of course, this does not make the choice of products any easier. Sometimes, however, cheese producers give tips and recommend wines that you should definitely try with the cheese in question. If this is not the case, a white is often suitable. A sweet note goes particularly well with most cheeses. Only in the case of hard cheeses is a red wine with a strong aroma better. By the way, many cheese lovers score points with port wine from Portugal.

Wine Can Even Be Served With Starters And Desserts

Hosts start convivial evenings with a well-selected aperitif. Light wines such as rosé are ideal. Prosecco and sparkling wine are recommended if there is to be some sparkle. Champagne can even prove its worth with fine hors d’oeuvres. Otherwise, light to strong white and red wines are suitable. The sweetness of desserts should also be reflected in the wine selection. Asti Spumante, Beerenauslese and Muskateller are ideal for a golden finish.

Enjoying Wine: It All Comes Down To Quality

Who wants to spoil itself and its guests with wine, reaches if possible for the high-quality variants. One should rather save in another place, because a good quality wine costs unfortunately somewhat more. That does not mean, by the way, to buy the most expensive bottles. In the middle price segment, there is already an outstanding selection of products that are really worth buying. Anyone who is unsure about the right wine for the menu should seek advice in a specialist store.