Why Having Employees Working Remotely Can Continue To Work For UK Businesses In 2023

Humans are fairly adaptable creatures, and during the pandemic, millions of UK employees had to make the switch to working remotely with little warning. In the post-pandemic world, it feels as if workplace attitudes in regard to where we feel comfortable working have been changed forever.

Working Remotely

A study in 2022 found that around triple the number of people were now working from home compared to before the COVID pandemic started. But, will remote working continue to be a setup that works well for UK businesses in 2023? 

Here are some explications of why having employees working remotely can continue to work and be fruitful for UK businesses in 2023 and beyond. 

Enables Employees To Re-Engage In Family Life

A major aspect that contributes to work-life balance is being able to see your family. Some jobs require you to travel long distances for work and constantly spending time on the move, away from your precious family. So, one reason why having employees working remotely can continue to work for UK businesses in 2023 is that they will continue to value the way it allows them to improve the relationships and everyday contact they have with treasured family members. 

Eliminates The Need For Stress Inducing Commutes Into Work

The average round trip commute time for UK workers is 59 minutes per day, nevertheless, many people have to do much lengthier commutes, especially those faced with contending with the underground in London. 

Without a doubt, the commute to work can mean workers stress levels are raised before they’ve even gone and stepped foot in the office! Looking after staff welfare is paramount, and many UK businesses lose large sums of money every year due to employees being off work from anxiety and stress related factors. Fortunately, home working will continue to do provide a great alternative that alleviates the stressful commute to work for businesses employees in 2023.

Encourages Staff to Make Healthy Choices

Home working gives you a bit more freedom in general. Sometimes, the angst of the long trip to work can cause workers to get into the habit of making poor health decisions, such as drinking sugary drunks, having excess caffeine, and munching relentlessly on junk food. 

However, home working gives your staff the freedom the think more about healthy life choices and looking after themselves properly. When working in a home office, you need to maintain an active lifestyle to fend off cabin fever. People often feel like going out for a jog, doing some sport, or visiting the gym to let off steam and burn off excess calories. In 2023, remote working will continue to motivate staff to make healthier lifestyle choices and dabble in pleasurable leisure activities.

A Home Office Setup Will Continue To Be a Great Alternative To a Regular Office

In the modern digital age, a nice simple home office setup is all your employees may need. An advantage of home office working for companies is of course the reduction in overheads that come with running a large physical office space and the rent involved and so on. In 2023, particularly amongst the younger generation, employees will continue to observe just how effective their employees can be at working in a home office.

Storage space at home can be scarce, particularly if there’s many of you living under one roof. If employees find they are running out of storage room in their home office space, it’s a wise idea to hire a self storage unit space to hold work equipment, office furniture, desks, and so on. Take a look at getting a business storage unit at Now Storage Basingstoke, a reliable provider who will give you peace of mind that your home office belongings are stored away all safe and sound.  

High Productivity Levels

At the beginning of the pandemic, it took some employees a little while to get accustomed to working efficiently from home. However, in 2023, the workforce has now become much more effective at knowing how to deliver the best possible results when working from home. 

Having employees working remotely from home is here to stay for UK businesses in 2023 and beyond. When it’s all done properly and everyone pulls their weight, remote working can do a top job of helping to keep productivity levels high.