Antigua and Barbuda or Dominica: How To Choose Citizenship?

Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, like Dominica. Both countries are known for the possibility of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investments and are in demand among those wishing to move or become citizens of another country. Despite all the similarities between these regions, there are differences in programs that must be studied to make an informed choice.


Comparison of the programs of Antigua and Dominica is based on the fact that the amount to be paid in these countries is equal. $100,000 will need to be paid in the case of a donation if you want to get Antiguan citizenship. For a family, getting antigua and barbuda citizenship will be more advantageous as opposed to Dominica. All costs in addition to the principal amount will cost just under half the donation. The Dominica citizenship program is more favorable in the case of buying a home or premises. Unlike Antigua, the purchase cost is less, but has its own features.

Donations Or Purchase Of Apartments?

Becoming a Dominican citizen, like Antigua, can be done in many ways, the most popular methods being deposits. These can be contributions to national foundations or the purchase of real estate. This issue is covered in more detail at But it is worth understanding that any of these options has both benefits and disadvantages. Donations are often cheaper for the investor, but it is a nonrefundable investment. The process of buying real estate costs a lot of money, effort and time, but at the same time you can sell it later. Unless, of course, it is destroyed by a hurricane. After all, according to a specialist Immigrant Invest Victor Esik known cases where nature has demolished almost all the houses on the island.

So although the Dominica citizenship program through the purchase of apartments attracts many citizens, do not forget about the pitfalls that may carry this acquisition. And the general location of Dominica is not convenient for tourists, because you can not get a direct flight from the United States or the United Kingdom. But the prospect and potential of the hotel industry in Antigua on the contrary is a favorite in order to become the owner of the apartment. So Antigua citizenship by investing in housing is a more favorable option. But despite all the so-called disadvantages, the country, washed by the Caribbean Sea, occupies a leading position among all options for obtaining a second citizenship.

Peculiarities Of The Golden Visa And Passport Of Antigua And Dominica

Obtaining a residence permit in these Caribbean countries from the time of investment and filing of documents to obtain status is about the same. For three to five months you will have to wait regardless of the selected country. First, your application must be approved, after which you make a donation or purchase. Once you have provided all the proof of submission of the application package and the application, the waiting period begins. There are many reasons to get dominican passport:

  • the ability to travel seamlessly to more than a hundred countries around the world;
  • opportunity to provide financial protection for yourself and your family;
  • mild tax climate;
  • long-term visa to the States and Canada;
  • privacy;
  • residency on the island is not required.

The minimum number of requirements for obtaining a passport affects the growing popularity of Dominica among investors. And in general, immigration to the Caribbean each year brings the country more and more income. Experts note the growth trend, which, according to their forecasts, is not going to stop. Foreigners also react positively to the fact that they do not have to give up their passport. In the Caribbean it is allowed to be a citizen of several countries.

The low base cost of citizenship programs in this region and the great opportunities subsequently attract foreign entrepreneurs to invest more and more. And it must be said that both sides benefit from this cooperation.