How Team Sports Help To Boost Staff Morale

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. It shouldn’t be all about work but about team-building, general positivity and staff morale. Workplaces often have events to get people to work together and that can be anything from paintball to indoor soccer. Often employees are simply invited out to a bar or restaurant that may televise sporting events and some workplaces even host gatherings at sporting events for employees such as basketball tournaments or horse races.

Sporting events tend to bring people together and can familiarise otherwise unknown work colleagues and even help with creating life-long friendships. Listed below are some sports you can play with your staff and help contribute to a healthy working relationship.


Soccer is a physically demanding sport, so this one will be for the perhaps younger and more active staff. A definite team game, soccer allows people to work together and problem-solve. As all sports should be, it is all in good nature, where both teams can accept decisions, and praise each other for any impressive plays. Even if a team loses, the other team should be able to show good sportsmanship and give credit where credit is due. This not only helps boost staff morale, but it creates a positive atmosphere that will ultimately help in the workplace.


Though not necessarily a team sport, the game of darts is a great way to get your employees together to enjoy an afternoon or night out at a local establishment and mingle. Darts is a fun game to play with many variations of the game and anyone can play it. Even if you are not actively participating you can still cheer a co-worker on and enjoy the atmosphere. It also gives a good reason to not just sit around drinking and wasting time. Any place that has a dartboard is sure to have some added excitement.


Because basketball is mostly an indoor sport, it means it can be played any time of the year which means no matter what line of work you are in, the game is accessible all year round. Even people who aren’t familiar with the game can get in on the fun and even discuss NBA playoff betting odds if they are so inclined. If the weather is fine and you can find an outdoor venue, then it gives your staff a chance to get some fresh air and be out of the office or other workplace. It also allows for some exercise, which is especially important if your staff are sitting in cubicles all day.


Paintball is the ultimate team-building game where people get together and discuss strategies of how to win. It is not only a fun way to spend an afternoon but it leads to comradery amongst your staff and can give the manager an insight as to who is on par to be an effective team leader.

Sports are generally competitive, good-natured, and team-focused. Getting your workers to participate in sporting events can get them to exploit their innate sportsmanship and encourage teamwork and problem-solving to an extent that may not have been otherwise possible or effective.

This sort of thing should be happening in more workplaces to an extent where it should be a part of the workplace regime. Provided work gets done, there should be nothing wrong with finishing up early on a Friday afternoon and going out to enjoy some sport away from the often monotonous thing that work can often be.