5 Common Causes of Commercial Fires

Fire protection should always be a top concern for businesses and building owners. It’s essential that you protect your employees and equipment and put safety measures in place that ensure you can avoid any mishaps or commercial fires in the future.

Commercial Fires

What will help you out the most is to learn the five common causes of commercial fires. This way you can take steps to better protect yourself and your staff as well as your office building or commercial space. It’s best to be proactive in this case instead of waiting until it’s too late and having to react to a fire.

1. Cooking Equipment

Although you may think about restaurants being the culprit of cooking equipment fires, other businesses that cook food can also be at risk here. Any business that serves food and has a kitchen area may be susceptible to this type of commercial fire. Some of these locations in addition to restaurants include healthcare facilities, office properties, and educational institutions.

2. Heating Equipment

Another one of the most common causes of commercial fires is heating equipment. Think about colder climates that need to run boilers, furnaces, and radiators continuously. These systems are at risk for overheating and may cause a fire. It’s more common with manufacturing or industrial buildings as well as office properties.

3. Electrical & Lighting Equipment

All commercial buildings require light and power so you can work and see what you’re doing. Electricity is a top culprit for causing fires, especially in commercial settings. Overheating can be caused by numerous factors such as faulty wiring, loose connections, and electrical overload. Lighting problems are most common in office properties and retail or mercantile properties.

4. Smoking Materials

It’s also important to be aware that smoking materials are a common cause of commercial fires. In this case, it may occur if cigars or cigarettes aren’t put out fully or are disposed of improperly. Although the stats have decreased a bit, smoking materials remain high on the list of common causes of commercial fires. It happens most often in restaurant and office settings.

5. Intentional Fire Setting

Finally, intentional fire setting is also on the list of the five most common causes of commercial fires. It may be due to someone’s deliberate misuse of a heat source or even arson. It’s important for business owners and commercial building owners to be aware of this fact. You’ll find this happens most often in educational settings, office properties, and healthcare facilities.


You now know the top five common causes of commercial fires so that you can be more proactive about preventing these types of situations. You must do all you can to keep everyone and your equipment safe and in proper working order for the best possible outcome.

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