7 Mistakes Beginners Often Make When Investing In Gold

Gold is hot right now, and many new players are investing. The downside for these investors who are new to the gold investing world is they tend to make many mistakes. 


But you can avoid making these mistakes if you’re open enough to acknowledge and identify them. Here are some common investing mistakes that most beginners make and tips on avoiding them.

  • No Clear Reason For Investing

People invest in gold for different reasons. Some investors are motivated by profit, while others view this precious metal as wealth insurance. And there are those who trade gold depending on market indicators.

Understanding why you want to buy gold is essential. Make sure you have a long-term investment strategy before investing in gold. Ensure that the gold you’re considering matches your portfolio.

Once you figure out your reasons for investing in gold, you can quickly identify the right product. Also, make sure you work with a dealer who has your best interests in mind.

  • Blindly Investing

Investing in gold is not for everyone. Investing in it without knowing every detail is dangerous. Like any other investment type, you must research extensively, ask friends with experience, or consult experts. 

When you plan to invest in gold, you must know the weight of a gold bar, its price, purity, and even design, especially for jewellery. 

As an investor, you must know existing price points and whether to buy or sell to avoid scamming. Depending on the quantity of the gold, some bullion items typically sell just about 3% to 5% above the prevailing spot price.

Not all gold is created equal, so check the purity before purchasing. The quality of gold can vary based on its grade and variety, so ensure it comes with a certificate of authenticity (COA) to prove its purity.

  • Not Verifying Dealers

More often than not, finding a good deal can be tricky. And you need to be cautious to avoid being scammed. That’s why verifying dealers before conducting any transactions with them is crucial.

Ask for licenses, permits, and other supporting documents to prove the legitimacy of the dealer. 

It will also help if you choose a dealer with a lot of experience and a good industry reputation. Ask investors you trust if they can recommend a trustworthy and reliable dealer. 

  • Overly Emotional When Transacting

Letting your emotions take control is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying gold. Buy or sell when your goals change or if you need cash but never when you’re scared.

Making decisions based on emotions is hardly considered an investment but a gamble.

Moreover, using your emotions as a guide could make you fall for scammers. It becomes simple for them to con you or steal your money.

  • Paying More Than You Should

Some dealers, especially if they’re not reputable, may take advantage of novice investors and charge higher than they should. 

So, before doing any transactions, check spot prices online or on any financial websites and compare. If a dealer asks you to pay more than average, you better find a different one quickly. 

Never let them take advantage of you just because you’re a new player. To avoid this, it pays to prepare before making any transactions. Not being prepared may lead to investing blindly and not verifying dealers, as discussed previously. 

  • Broadcasting Your Purchase To People

It’s tempting to boast after investing in gold, but doing so is a big no-no. You must resist the urge to broadcast your purchase, no matter how excited you may be. 

Being proactive in securing your financial future is a fantastic idea, but you should be cautious about who you disclose your gold holdings to. You can endanger yourself if you’re not careful about this.

  • Not Having A Strategy

Identifying the right balance for your gold investment strategy is crucial to getting the best returns. Investing in gold requires intelligent thinking. Put a certain percentage of your wealth into it and let it sit. Consider long-term holdings when investing in gold.

Never look at it as a short-term investment. Take dealer costs into account when calculating the overall price.

Therefore, you should not invest in gold with funds you’re unwilling to risk. However, your odds are better if you’re willing to invest long-term.

Final Thoughts

Investing in gold should not be as intimidating as it was before. You can always learn from other people’s mistakes and make confident choices to do things right. 

It’s never an excuse to say you’re new at this when you make a mistake and lose money. Be guided by the advice and insights offered above as you make your gold investment transactions.