How Does 3D Secure Help You Gain Customer Trust

If you want the card program, you run to inspire confidence in your customers and make sure their payment cards are secure against fraud, using only modern authentication methods. It is essential to strengthening online transactions’ security, which has increased significantly due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

3D Secure

In the U.S. alone, the number of electronic sales for May 2022 exceeded the total sales for the entire Christmas season of 2021, and in Germany, which is the market leader in eCommerce, sales in this area are increasing by 20% annually. With the growth of e-sales, the interest of fraudsters in this sphere increased, who started to steal payment card credentials and make unauthorized purchases with them.

Many European countries are planning to require strict customer authentication (SCA) under the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) to protect cardholders from fraudsters. It will oblige payment card merchants and issuers to use additional methods to protect online transactions.

One way to reduce the risk of fraud while complying with the new requirements is through 3D Secure technology. It can help to secure online transactions and increase customer loyalty to the card program provider.

Briefly About 3D Secure

3DS, 3D Secure or Tree-Domain Secure are all names for a security protocol specifically designed to protect online transactions. Its main task is to authenticate the cardholder before the payment is authorized. Depending on the payment system, the protocol may have a different name. Visa cardholders know it as Visa Secure and those who use MasterCard deal with SecureCode. The 3D in the name of the protocol is an abbreviation for the three domains which provide additional security for payments:

  1. The merchant’s domain.
  2. Payment system domain.
  3. The domain of the card program provider.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the 3D Secure protocol of Visa, go to This company offers its clients the opportunity to launch a card program with the highest level of online payment protection just by using state-of-the-art cardholder authentication technology.

Improved Version Of 3D Secure

Some time ago, you could read many negative reviews about the 3D Secure protocol. It was called the “conversion killer. You have to admit that companies whose profits depend on this indicator are unlikely to want to use a solution with such a name to secure online payments by their customers. And indeed, early versions of the protocol required cardholders to undergo additional checks when making certain transactions. Because of this, many users abandoned completed baskets and didn’t complete a purchase halfway through. 

Now, these shortcomings have been eliminated and, on the contrary, there are several undeniable advantages to the 3D Secure protocol for merchants and cardholders:

  • the ability to share a lot of contextual transaction data, allowing them to determine their level of risk;
  • exclusion of additional cardholder verification steps in cases when a transaction is a low-risk and such verification is not required by law;
  • the protocol works simultaneously through several channels. It operates online and through mobile devices, so cardholders can make secure purchases wherever they are.

These benefits of 3D Secure technology to increase customer confidence in card products and online payments in general. The updated version of the protocol is already being actively distributed in regulated European markets. Less familiar unregulated markets are also expected to experience the benefits of 3D Secure soon. Wallester is one of the first providers to be certified with the protocol and to offer customers the ability to run a card program with the latest approach to authentication.

Innovation In Authentication

Not long ago, to log into your account, you had to enter a long and hard-to-remember password with different letters, numbers and symbols. You could forget your password, lose it, or have it recognized by an intruder. Even more than a hard-to-remember password is needed to ensure the security of the cardholder’s identity verification process.

Modern card programs use the latest technology to authenticate the cardholder. These can be:

  • fingerprint scanning;
  • facial or retinal scanning;
  • voice recognition.

Incorporating these innovations into a mobile app can significantly reduce the number of steps a cardholder must take to make a purchase. Thanks to the simplicity of the new methods, cardholders get used to them very quickly and no longer have any idea how to confirm their identity with a password or any other complicated procedure.

By running a card program through the Wallester platform, you can customize the authentication process to meet the needs of your business and cardholders. Such extensive customization options are available through an open REST API. The API makes it easy to design the authentication process and saves the cardholder a lot of inconvenience and time-consuming verification during their use. Thanks to 3D Secure, the probability of card fraud is significantly reduced, and complete control over the interaction with the cardholder is ensured.

3D Secure: A Tool Not Only For Risk Management But Also For Gaining Client Trust

The U.S. and U.K. surveyed shoppers who regularly shop online. They were asked about their shopping habits and how their payments are protected against fraudsters. Interestingly, of the 4,000 people surveyed, most said they would let their transactions take a little longer if it meant going through additional authentication steps. They are willing to go through this inconvenience for the sake of improving the security of their payments and for the added protection of their personal information.

The results of this survey are good news for those who have been worried about the negative feedback about past versions of the 3D Secure protocol. Even though this new version of the solution may affect transaction processing speed, most cardholders are willing to do so to keep their finances and personal data more secure. 3D Secure will not reduce card usage but allow cardholders to shop online safely and comfortably.

3D Secure is an essential part of eCommerce. This protocol ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and creates an optimal environment for making seamless and secure purchases in virtual space. Wallester’s card issuing platform allows you to manage 3D Secure settings to simplify cardholder identification without compromising payment security. All cards issued on it support 3D Secure technology, so card program providers don’t need to additionally integrate security protocols through third-party vendors and spend a lot of extra money to do so.

3D Secure is an advanced technology that provides reliable protection for online payments and helps significantly increase customer confidence in cost. In addition to different methods of cardholder identification, transaction confirmation for a limited time can be set using this protocol. These methods provide robust fraud protection and can be customized and tailored to the specifics of a particular business and company.