The Rise Of Subscription-Based Services For Media

A lot has changed in the media landscape in recent years, and the different sources for various media are no longer as black and white as they once were. The media consumer of today might turn to social media to receive their news and look towards YouTube instead of traditional TV to be entertained. Subscription-based services are becoming more and more common.


Today, there are so many more content producers, with everything from writers and video producers to the hottest onlyfans accounts. In this text, we’re going to outline two of the most popular subscription services and talk about why this form of service has become so common while also giving.  

Patreon Allows Creators To Receive Extra Payments

Patreon is a service that has become extremely popular in recent years, and today many mid-sized YouTubers and art creators online use Patreon as a main source of income. Patreon is a service that allows a creator’s audience to sign up for a subscription where they pay a small amount of money every month. 

Offering different tiers and providing bonus content is a way to make this sort of service more appealing to an audience; it’s even being used by independent journalists as a way to gain extra income that is gaugable over the long term. By having a Patreon that their readers can take part in, they can produce the content they wish without cutting into their revenue. 


Substack has been a game changer for many writers in a wide array of different fields. Being able to write newsletters, journalists can talk about various things, all while getting paid for the work that they produce. This has made writing for a living a lot more accessible, but it also requires some way to draw in readers. 

Is This Business Model Sustainable For Content Creators?

Even if it’s still early days for this type of service, the answer to the question so far seems to be a resounding yes. When platforms such as YouTube start making it harder and harder for creators to get paid for what they create, it’s only natural that alternative sources of revenue are going to start springing up. 

At the same time, it enables more freedom when it comes to what creators wish to spend their time on. While some content might not be marketable by all companies, cutting out the need to cater to advertisers and instead being able to focus on relevant content that brings value to readers and viewers.