5 Features That Employees Demand In An Office

We all know that workplaces have changed a lot in recent years, but as employees start to navigate their way back into offices, it has become apparent that certain requests must be met. Here are five features that most employees demand in an office.

Employees Demand

While it’s important to cater towards new recruits, it’s also vital to continually satisfy current workforces who have stuck with the company for many years. Therefore, we wanted to discuss some of the most essential features that modern employees are demanding for offices.

Comfortable Chairs And Adjustable Desks

It’s fair to admit that sitting down for 7-8 hours a day can often start to get uncomfortable. But more than that, employees may find themselves with back/neck pain and other health problems associated with prolonged sitting. Ergonomic chairs are a must-have, because if your workers don’t feel comfortable, then they’re not going to be as productive.

Another great option for the office is the introduction of adjustable desks, which means the height can be raised at the press of a button and the employee can choose to stand up for an hour or two. It’s a great way to mix things up and helps promote better posture. After all, you don’t want employees taking time off just for sore backs!

Better Overall Cleanliness

No one wants to work in a messy, dirty office, especially as we’ve all gone through several years of finding out how germs spread. A reliable cleaning crew is essential to the health of the workforce, as bacteria can be found in the bathroom, kitchen, and certainly desks.

Of course, it’s also on the employees themselves not to leave food lying around and to take precautions when feeling sick. Simple things like having tissues and paper towels nearby can help everyone to clean up around the office.

It’s also good to have windows that are easy to open and even these types of designs of basin taps that have touchless infrared technology, so nobody has to turn the handles, which prevents germs from spreading.

Free Snacks And Drinks

You’d be surprised at how many workplaces make their employees pay for their own coffee, tea, and even water. These drinks should all be free, as workers love the chance to recharge with a cup of coffee and also use this as a way to chat with colleagues.

Juices and fizzy drinks can be provided in a vending machine, as these can cost a lot for the company. Free fruit and occasional sweets are a nice addition to any workplace!

Private Meeting Rooms

This should come as a given, but some offices are moving towards the idea of being completely open and not having any smaller rooms at all. This is an odd decision, as there are certain matters that often need to be discussed in a private room. These rooms can not only be booked for meetings, but also as a chance for someone to work on a project completely free of distractions.

Natural Lighting

Of course, this isn’t always possible as it depends on the building design and where the office is situated. Still, employees simply love the idea of natural lighting and you’ll find that they will be far more productive to see sunlight and nature. Overhead lighting can really start to affect the health of employees, so be careful about how the office is illuminated.

With just a few simple steps, offices can adhere to employee demands and provide a safe, creative, and comfortable workplace for everyone to enjoy.