Legal Requirement for Toilet Facilities for Workplaces in the UK

For any business operating in the United Kingdom, providing adequate restroom and toilet facilities is a legal requirement. This applies to both employees and visitors alike, no matter the size or type of the business.

It’s important for businesses to understand their obligations and provide an appropriate level of toilet and washroom provision that meets all relevant legal requirements.

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What is Considered a Reasonable Toilet and Washroom Provision?

The number of restrooms/toilets required for a particular business depends on several factors, including the size of the premises and the number of staff and visitors that are likely to use them. It’s also important to take into account any special requirements of individual staff or visitors, such as those with disabilities and young children.

How Many Toilets Should My Business Provide?

The British Toilet Association (BTA) recommends that businesses should provide one toilet for every 10 employees, as well as an additional toilet for visitors. In addition, businesses may need to provide separate facilities for male and female staff, depending on the number of each sex employed. If the business expects to have more than 20 visitors at any one time, then it should also provide additional toilet facilities specifically for their use.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how many toilets and washbasins a business should provide for the number of employees: 

  • 1-5 employees – one toilet and one washbasin
  • 6-25 employees – two toilets and washbasins
  • 26-50 employees – three toilets and washbasins
  • 51-75 employees – four toilets and washbasins
  • 76-100 employees – five toilets and washbasins

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What are the Requirements for the Facilities Themselves?

The legal requirements for restroom/toilet facilities in the workplace include ensuring they are kept clean and hygienic, as well as being accessible to all staff and visitors. 

Toilets should be well-ventilated, and stocked with necessary amenity supplies such as: 

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels 
  • Soap

Toilet facilities should be equipped with adequate lighting. In addition, businesses should provide separate toilet facilities for disabled staff and visitors, as well as baby-changing facilities if required.


Providing adequate restroom/toilet facilities in the workplace is an essential legal requirement for all businesses operating in the UK. It’s important to ensure these facilities meet all relevant legal requirements, including being accessible and adequately stocked with necessary amenities. By understanding the needs of both staff and visitors, businesses can ensure they provide a safe, hygienic environment for everyone.