Why A Warehouse Must Have Security Gates

Warehouses are busy, high-traffic areas, not only internally but externally too. Used for a wide number of reasons and by various types of companies, warehouses are imperative within the logistics of goods and services, both nationally and internationally.

Security Gates

According to statistics from 2018 there are over 1,500 individual warehouse units in the UK which provide over 100,000 sq ft of space. Plus, since 2022 the industry has seen a boom in the use of warehouses, experiencing an expansion within an area known as the ‘Golden Logistics Triangle’ throughout the Midlands and East of England. 

Since we, as a nation, are so reliant upon the smooth operations within a warehouse to provide the goods and services we use daily, their safety and security should be a top priority. In this article, courtesy of Fen-Bay Services, we will explore just how important security for warehousing is and why security gates play a prominent role in keeping these industrial sites safe. 

Keeping Warehouses Secure

Warehouses hold and move a wide range of goods, Some of which are vital to the daily running of our country. Major retailers, such as supermarkets and ecommerce stores, use warehouses to hold their goods as part of the transportation of these from supplier through to user/consumer. Since many of these goods are of value, to both business and consumer, the protection of these is incredibly important. 

Unfortunately, theft and vandalism is a major issue within warehouses, with both assets and personnel at risk. With so much valuable property and goods stored in one place, it’s important that businesses protect themselves against such threats. 

Warehouse Perimeter Security

In order to do this, companies who own and operate within warehouses should consider installing robust perimeter security. This will work as an effective preventive measure which can be used to protect against any unwelcome visitors. Security gates provide a physical barrier between internal and external areas, preventing unauthorised persons from entering the site. 

Security gates also act as a deterrent for potential criminals; their presence alone is enough to put off those with ill-intentions. Plus, with the addition of on-site security personnel, the management and operation of both a manual of automatic security barrier or gate will allow for the tracking of all who enter the premises. 

Different Types Of Security Gates For Warehouses

When it comes to security gates, there are a few different types you can choose from – each offering various levels of access control, depending on the type of warehouse and what is needed for their specific site. Manual and automatic gates provide restricted access for all vehicles entering and exiting the premises; these come in many forms and various materials, allowing for  the needs of any industrial site to be met. 

In addition, companies may choose to install a speed gate system; providing the ultimate physical barrier between internal and external areas, these types of security gates are frequently used in car parks, airports or other premises where traffic passes through regularly and quickly. In warehouses which see high volumes of deliveries by vehicle per day, automated, high-speed, security gates are the preferred choice.