Playground Funding And How To Make It Work For You

Whether you are a childminder, a nursery, or just someone building a playground for children, safety will be one of the first things you will consider; after this, you may consider how to fund this and how you can get help with what is best.


It is important to provide a safe place for children to play and enjoy themselves. However, it can be daunting to look into safety and risk assessment, as well as the cost and finding someone safe and reliable to do this very important job.

Why Do We Need Safe Playgrounds?

It is important to have safe playgrounds so children can run and enjoy themselves without the risk of broken bones or severe injuries. If you are a nursery or childcare provider, areas must be safe to fit into your risk assessments and safety regulations. Whether you do this by installing softer flooring to help reduce the risk when falling. This can be quite costly so having someone who can help guide you to the best price and option is key.

When looking at the different options for safe playgrounds for your setting, it can seem daunting when faced with all of the options available. Not only options but figuring out how to fund the construction of the different options you pick. Outsourcing to a company may be the best option in this situation. Companies like Soft Surfaces can help with information on how to apply for playground funding as well as explaining the different options available and how this would fit in your setting.

What Are My Options?

There are many different options when it comes to the playground for children, whether you want a sensory activity area, jungle gym, climbing frames, or just an area with artificial grass or rubber mulch to allow for games such as football or just running around safely. There are so many options available, and if you have an idea, there will always be someone who can make your ideas a reality. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the different options getting advice from people who install and work with these different options daily can be a fantastic help.

When looking at your funding options again, there are so many different paths to look at, you could look into community projects or fundraising. However, once again, you could outsource to a company that can guide you down the best path. 

Installing playgrounds and making areas where children can play safely does not have to be a stressful or overwhelming task when you have a company that can help guide you to what will best fit your needs.

How To Apply

Applying for funding or getting playground equipment and surfaces could not be easier. With no obligation quotes, you can contact companies directly, to get information from Soft Surfaces you can visit; 

It may also be an idea to speak to local parent and toddler groups about what would be beneficial in the area you plan to work, whether this is a school or a playground for outdoor use. Parent and toddler groups can help you get an idea of what children in the area will enjoy and use.