Corporate Identity Personal Injury Lawyers And Personal Injury Agencies

Corporate identity is becoming increasingly important, especially now that the internet is the most important place to show your company. Beautiful bright colors, an original logo, and catchy texts. The message has reached many industries. Yet there are still some industries where not everyone seems to realize how important a good website and modern, catchy house style is. Read on for why personal injury lawyers are vital.

Personal Injury Lawyers

House Style Law Firm

One of the professions where people still don’t seem to understand how important a good house style is, is the legal profession. And this is problematic! Because, for example, in personal injury law there are many competitors who do understand the importance of a creative website, catchy texts and a striking logo. For example, compare the websites of a personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam) and a personal injury agency in Rotterdam!

The fact that creativity is important in the legal profession is evident from the figures in the Netherlands. If we consider at how many personal injury lawyers in Utrecht (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht) there are and how many personal injury agencies, it appears that there are hardly any personal injury lawyers. In recent years, many law firms specializing in personal injury law have also disappeared. However, the number of personal injury agencies is growing rapidly. But what is the reason for this?

It is not the quality of the personal injury lawyers. Lawyers are often better trained than personal injury lawyers who work at a personal injury agency. And we also see that many experienced personal injury lawyers quit because they don’t get any more cases. The fact that people choose a personal injury agency instead of a lawyer specialized in personal injury has nothing to do with quality.

Importance of a Creative House Style

How is it possible that personal injury agencies do so much better? If we look at the websites and the house style, it is inevitable that things do go wrong here! The websites of most personal injury lawyers are boring, colorless, and often have an old and self-assembled logo.

If we look at the websites of personal injury agencies, these websites are put together much more creatively. Catchy sentences, a beautiful creative logo with bright colors and catchy drawings and photos made by professional creative designers.

What Should a Good House Style Look Like?

So are all law firm websites bad? Certainly not. There are also branches in the legal profession that understand very well how important a creative website and a striking logo should look like. It is often the smaller offices that do not have a good website. But this is also the problem, for example in the Netherlands. This is because there is a system in the field of personal injury where the costs of legal assistance are paid by the insurer of the liable party. This means that this market is interesting for personal injury agencies. After all, they can make a lot of money from personal injury cases. That is why many entrepreneurs started a personal injury agency and set up a beautiful website for this and came up with creative advertisements.

If personal injury lawyers were to provide a creative website just like personal injury bureaus, they would do much better, because the quality of legal assistance is not the issue. Is there a market for you as a creative person here?