Corporate Order Gildan T-Shirts Team Building Event With a Twist

If you are running a team, whether a newly put together one for a new project, or people you have worked with for years, you might need a little time to reconfigure an otherwise random assortment of people into a team. There are a lot of ways you can go about this, depending on what the goal is for the team building event.

team building

Do you want your team to learn to communicate better? To face a challenge that will take determination or creative problem solving? Or do your team members simply need to get to know each other in a safer, chilled out environment? If you’re looking for ideas, take a look at our suggestions for your next team building event.

Team Quizzes

Team quizzes are a great way to get everyone to coordinate. They can be telling. You can spot who is competitive, and who is the friendlier team mates. You can see who knows their otherwise useless information and who focuses on what they need to do their job well. You can see who works better alone or in a team, and who is better at taking lead or silently leading. You can even order Gildan t shirts for each of your teams.

If you want to turn a quiz into more of a team bonding exercise, you can forget the trivial pursuit questions and instead pose questions about the team. This doesn’t mean you have to get uncomfortably personal. You can make questions about office anecdotes or the finer details of roles to catch team members out.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms allow your team to flex some communicative and problem solving skills, but with the stakes right up. Okay, you might not actually be trapped, but people sure seem to act as though they’ll never leave without solving the problems, as a browse through #escaperoom TikTok will show you. Escape rooms can be themed, they can fun, they can be scary, or they even can be virtual.

Adrenaline Rushes

If you want to get your team’s blood pumping, perhaps enough to make them grateful to get back into the relative peace of the office, you might want to look into something more …involved than a pub quiz. Ideas include a zipline, skydiving, white water rafting, and plenty of other extreme sports ideas. A popular idea that will get your team outdoors and grateful for your managerial style is the army-style obstacle course.

Music Festivals

But there are other ways to keep the heart rate up. A music festival is a great option there. The music does its job to get everyone dancing, but the field and the inevitable beers allow your team to chill out as they wish. Less manufactured fun and more “let the kids loose in the playground” approach allows you and your team to come and go as they want to. Without the managers able to contain everyone in the one room and watching, it might even allow for a more authentic experience that other options won’t allow.