The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Pair of High-End Men’s Jeans

Jeans are an interesting piece of clothing. Made originally for manual labourers to wear in the 1870s (Levi Strauss patented his design in 1873), they have gone on to be variously a high fashion item and something to wear when everything else is in the wash – and every level in between.


Because of this, you can expect to find jeans that range for a few pounds to many hundreds of pounds, and potentially much more than this. So just what are the pros and cons of investing that much money into a pair of high-end men’s jeans? Read on to find out.

Pro: A Better Fit

One of the reasons why so many people choose to buy high-end men’s jeans rather than the cheaper versions that are on offer is the fit. It’s just better with more expensive jeans. This tends to be because the cotton used to make the denim is better quality (which is part of the reason why the cost is higher). Because of this, it is more pliable, and after a lot of wear, it becomes even more so.

This means that high-end men’s jeans will naturally fit better, draping in the right way and falling correctly, no matter what the style of jeans might be. Clothing always looks better when it fits well, so by investing in more expensive jeans, you can ensure they always look great.

Pro: More Comfort

As well as offering a better fit, the softer cotton that creates the more expensive denim means that high-end men’s jeans are more comfortable as well. The last thing you’ll want is to invest a decent amount of money into an item of clothing that is uncomfortable – even  unbearable – to wear because you just won’t wear it, and that’s hundreds of pounds hanging in your wardrobe rather than being worn on a regular basis.

Con: Harder To Care For

When it comes to jeans, a lot of people will wear them for days at a time and then throw them in with the general laundry wash. They might also tumble dry them. This will make them feel a little tighter when you first put them on again, but they soon stretch out.

With high-end men’s jeans, you can’t do that. Or rather, you can, but you shouldn’t. They are actually a lot more delicate than you might realise, and by washing them without reading the label, and certainly by tumble drying them, you could be causing damage to a pricey piece of clothing.

Some people even suggest that your more expensive jeans should never actually be washed, but should be spot-cleaned instead. This will take time and is not always convenient.

Con: Not Ideal For All Situations

When you spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing, you’ll probably want to get as much wear out of it as possible. That means wearing it for as many occasions as you can. Although smart looking jeans exist, and many people do wear them for all kinds of events, in some cases, they just won’t do. You’ll have bought something that, depending on your lifestyle, won’t get worn as much as you would hope.

This is why it can actually be better to look at all trousers and pick a pair that really will suit you and the events you attend. Spend more money on these, and less on jeans, and you’ll have a wardrobe that really works.