Is an Adjustable Bed Worthwhile for the Elderly?

Adjustable beds are increasingly popular for not only the elderly but various individuals seeking comfort and ease of use.

Adjustable Bed

For a person who experiences uncomfortable sleeping positions due to health reasons, including the elderly, an adjustable bed can be beneficial and life changing as it provides an easier solution to finding a comfortable sleeping position.

An adjustable bed will allow you to adjust the mattress to match your needs and find the perfect angle, whether you need an elevated head and footrest or are trying to relieve pressure points. This can be excellent for those with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other long-term health conditions that cause pain or discomfort while sleeping.

Adjustable beds can also be helpful for those with digestion issues, such as acid reflux or general sickness after eating. 

Why Are Adjustable Beds So Popular?

Elevating the upper body makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Additionally, the adjustable nature of the mattress allows for greater versatility in terms of desired sleeping positions, which can lead to improved muscle support.

Adjustable beds can also work great for reclining on a lazy Sunday afternoon or watching television, making them highly versatile.

However, the most significant reason adjustable beds are popular is they are ideal for people who struggle to get in and out of bed due to mobility issues, letting a person lower and raise the bed without assistance.

Adjustable Beds For The Elderly

Adjustable beds help achieve a comfortable night’s sleep, helping elderly people wake up refreshed, reducing stress, and improving overall health. Additionally, they provide independence to elderly people, helping them get in and out of bed without assistance.  

You can also equip adjustable beds with features like guard rails that help protect against falls and waterproof mattresses to make cleaning easy. This makes them ideal for care homes and hospitals where elderly people require care.

Adjustable beds improve mobility by allowing people to find a comfortable position that suits their body best, which helps relieve pressure points and eases joint and muscle aches. 

Raising and lowering the bed can help people get in and out of bed more easily, which can be especially helpful for those with limited mobility or pain from medical conditions like Fibromyalgia.

How To Choose An Adjustable Bed For The Elderly

  • Set a budget for the adjustable bed. Most adjustable beds cost between £600 and £1,000 with a mattress included.
  • Choose a mattress firmness level that suits your individual needs. Medium mattresses suit side sleepers and people under 180 lbs, while medium-firm mattresses are best for people over 200 lbs and back sleepers. Firm mattresses suit people who need extra support.
  • Consider moveability. If you ever need to move your adjustable bed, it is much easier if it sits on caster wheels or gliders.
  • Measure the area where the adjustable bed will be placed and choose a size based on these measurements. Most bedrooms can fit a single bed, or you can get a king or super king if you need to sleep two people.

Summing Up

An adjustable bed is worthwhile for elderly people who want to remain independent and struggle to get comfortable in bed.

You can buy single or small single adjustable beds or adjustable beds for two sleepers with two adjustable sides, which are ideal for elderly couples.

Ultimately, while adjustable beds can provide comfort and ease of use, it is up to the user to determine if the benefits are worthwhile.  

Adjustable beds aren’t cheap, so if money is tight, shop around for the best deal and don’t be afraid to hold off for the sales. However, most people with chronic pain or mobility issues find an adjustable bed worth the investment at any price. 

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