How To Know If Your Driveway Is Suitable For A Skip

If you’re planning on renting a skip for your next project, the first thing you’ll need to consider is if your driveway is suitable for it.


According to JustHire Bedfordshire, there are a few factors you should take into account before determining if you can have one on your property.

Size and Configuration

The size and configuration of your driveway will play a major role in whether or not it’s suitable for a skip. If your driveway is too small, the skip may not fit into it. If the access to your driveway is too narrow or there are tight turns that need to be navigated, then the skip may not be able to be placed properly.

Check with the company where you plan to rent the skip from to find out what the dimensions of their skips are and make sure they will fit on your driveway.

Ground Conditions

Another key factor when considering whether or not your driveway is suitable for a skip is its ground conditions. The surface should be relatively flat and strong enough to support the weight of both the skip and whatever will be placed inside it.

Skips can weigh up to 1 tonne when filled with materials, so make sure that any dips or holes in your driveway are filled in beforehand. Additionally, check if there are any trees nearby that could hinder access or cause damage while moving the skip around.

Vehicle Accessibility

It’s also important that there is enough space around the area where you intend to place the skip for vehicles to easily enter and exit without having to worry about getting stuck or damaging something else onsite.

This means making sure there isn’t anything like shrubbery, garden furniture, walls, or other obstacles blocking their way as these could potentially damage either themselves or other items near them while being moved around.

You may also want to consider how close by parking spaces are so that people picking up waste from inside the skip don’t struggle when trying to get back out again afterward.


Finally, before putting down a skip make sure you check with your local council as some areas require special permission before setting one up outside someone’s home – particularly if it’s going directly onto public lands such as roadsides or pavements which they own and maintain themselves.

It’s also worth doing some research into any regulations regarding skips in terms of noise levels during loading/unloading times as this could affect those living nearby; depending on the area you live in this might mean restricting certain activities (like playing loud music) during those times so that everyone remains happy with their surroundings!


Knowing if your driveway is suitable for a skip comes down mainly to size, ground conditions, and vehicle accessibility. It’s always worth checking with both local councils and rental companies about specific regulations beforehand too just in case anything needs special permission or additional measures put into place before setting one up outside someone’s home (or business).