eCommerce Features That Every Business Site Needs

What does a successful need to remain competitive and appealing to customers? One thing businesses need is to have a good sales technique to help them be well-regarded by their customers. Fortunately for businesses, most customers will buy from a company using their website. As such, the eCommerce features must be as up-to-date as possible.

eCommerce features

E-commerce is the means by which your customer can make electronic transactions over the internet. This means that these digital programmes are now responsible for your sales technique. Well, almost. Your company’s technique is now based on how you run and display your e-commerce software on your business’s website. Throughout the years, there are many factors that customers have come to expect, especially around shopping at online stores. As such, here are the key features of eCommerce sites that every business site needs.

Clear Pricing

Whenever you walk into a real store, the prices on the shelves can influence whether you will make a purchase or not. Most will walk into a transaction like this. They will have an amount of money that they are willing to spend on the item they have firmly in their minds, something they may have saved up for. It is no different in the online space.

When shopping online, customers are able to compare prices to another online store quickly. Something that is not possible when visiting stores in person. They can switch between browsers to see which offers the better deal. In some cases, you may not be able to lower your prices too much. However, displaying a clear price on all your products can help to make your online store more appealing to your customers. Also, clear prices will help to make comparing prices much easier. Due to this, customers are far more likely to make an online purchase from you, especially if they can clearly see the price of your goods for sale.

Easy Navigation

Staying on a similar topic, your customers will have a much better shopping experience if they find your site easy to navigate. This means that your site must be easy to access, your products easy to search and find, and it is easy for your customers to make payments or arrange a delivery. Any potential confusion in these areas may force a customer to give up in frustration and shop elsewhere.

That is why Shopify Developers work hard to keep e-commerce sites as streamlined as they can. If you find that your online webstore is getting out of control, then perhaps it is worth talking to a Shopify Plus agency to receive a Shopify Plus web design. The online space can get a bit overwhelming for some companies, after all.

Access To Great Customer Service

Even if your site is clear or easy to navigate, there will be some customers that have questions. The answers to these questions may determine whether they make a purchase. This stresses the importance of providing great customer service.

Improving customer service can be done in many ways. Live chatbots can direct your customers to specific parts of your site that can assist them or an FAQ page. If you have the resources available, you can arrange to have an employee host a live chat, responding to any customer queries in real-time. What’s more, it is just as important to make your contact details clearly listed on your site. It enables your customers to quickly drop an email or call you should they have any issues with your service. It also helps to address these concerns quickly.

Listed Reviews

Another way to help your customers with their online shopping needs is by allowing your previous customers to provide them with specific assistance. This can be achieved by setting up a customer review section.

Having this can allow your customers to receive a detailed account of how good your customer service is, and what they should expect. These individuals are likely to be more trusting of these types of reviews too. As such, you should try to open up all your products to customer reviews.

Multiple Payment Options

A big positive of being able to shop online is the convenience it affords the customer. Not everyone has the time to walk into multiple shops on the high street, after all. You can extend this convenience by allowing your customers to pay through a variety of secure methods.

Not everyone is comfortable paying online with a debit card, no matter how secure your security systems are. That is why it is important that your e-store provides several alternative payment methods. These can include credit card payments, digital wallet services, or even cryptocurrency payments. Giving your customers these options may also prevent them from shopping elsewhere, too.


As you may be aware when searching the market, there are plenty of other features that a good e-commerce service should provide. However, the ones listed above are by far some of the most important. The features listed above can prevent customers from choosing to shop elsewhere, while also providing your business site with all the e-commerce features it will need.