5 of The Top Business Districts in London For You Company Hub

London has undoubtedly gone through some tumultuous years recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic and rising energy costs having strained many of the UK capital’s businesses. Here are some of the top business districts in London.


However, CEO Today points out that “London remains one of only two Alpha++ rated cities in the world, according to the Globalization and World Cities Network (which measures economic status), the other being New York.”

Given one estimate that London could be home to 9.54m people by 2026, now could be an especially good time for you to set up business premises in one of the following London areas

Kings Cross

This is one of the fastest-growing London business districts, have been transformed from a largely neglected 67-acre industrial site into a rejuvenated area where offices, shops, galleries, restaurants and bars now stand.

Kings Cross is particularly thriving as a tech hub. Google’s new London HQ has been built in the area, while Facebook has also taken up prime office space here. Other brands that have put down roots in Kings Cross include The Guardian, Universal Music and Louis Vuitton.

City of London

This part of London has been described in a LinkedIn-hosted article as “home to the financial heart of the capital” and “home to many of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.”

The City of London is often simply dubbed “the City”, a term which has itself become a synonym for the UK capital’s financial sector. This London area is well worth considering as a place to base your company’s office if you work in finance or professional services.

Canary Wharf 

After originally being built in 1802, Canary Wharf cemented its status as one of the world’s busiest docks. However, in the 1980s, the area was redeveloped — and many of its old warehouses were repurposed as prestigious London apartments.

Business 2 Community has recently declared that the area is “now a financial centre to rival the City of London”. However, even if you run a tech startup or scaleup rather than a financial business, it could prove a very good idea for you to seriously consider renting a coworking space in Canary Wharf.

West End

Traditionally, you might have associated the West End — which extends from Hyde Park Corner to Covent Garden and as far as Goodge Street — more with theatres than, say, private equity groups and fund managers.

However, both are already based in the West End — and, to be more specific, along St James Street as well as near Berkeley Square. Meanwhile, media agencies are sited in the general areas around Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Goodge Street.


You could have underestimated Shoreditch’s potential as a business hub, since this area in the London Borough of Hackney has not always enjoyed the level of popularity it currently does.

However, today, a number of online businesses — including the music website and social networking software provider SocialGO — have established themselves in what used to be a relatively poor residential area. Shoreditch has seen many luxury flats fashioned from former warehouses and industrial buildings.