3 Tips To Get Your Independent Business Seen 

You fight to get your Independent business noticed. Although it can feel overwhelming when your small company competes with bigger chains, if you’ve thought about your brand and know what your company is all about, then follow these three tips, and you’re sure to keep thriving.

Independent Business

1. Make Your Brand Visible

Independent businesses need to take the visibility of their brand seriously. When competing with more prominent and chain companies, your small company can feel like a little fish in a big pond.

Customisation is a great solution. Take something unique to your brand and transform that into a design. Your design can then be placed on items like bulk custom hats. Hats are a tremendous customisable item, especially if your independent business has a sport or fashion element.

By getting your brand design on hats, you can sell them, making you some more money, and your customers become your brand ambassadors. Small companies must utilise what they’ve already got to grow, so encourage your customers to get out and spread the word. If you’ve put the work into your brand, chances are people will love your company already, so help them to promote you by sporting a hat with your unique design.

2. Engage With Social Media (And Trends)

Engaging with social media and the current trends is paramount to small companies looking to make a mark, but it’s not always easy. Lots of companies handle social media poorly. One theory is that the pressure to be on social media causes confusion and inconsistent messaging.

Social media is less about important communication and more about behaviour; it’s the old-school show, don’t tell. If you take that approach to social media use, you’ll soon find interactions spiking.

Instead of telling customers what your ethos is or what you do daily, could you show them? You could:

  • Create a ‘day-in-the-life of’ TikTok, following employees and the vital work they do
  • Construct YouTube shorts showing off a new kitchen instillation in your bakery
  • Post a picture on Instagram of your yoga company’s new studio pup

3. Check In With Your Community

Independent companies are feeling the brunt of the cost of living crisis and are increasingly relying on more and more sales to prevent them from going bust. So make your local community put up a fight for you! With any luck, your company’s already created a great relationship in your local area.

Your community will be sympathetic if your company struggles due to government failures. Imagine you run a cafe; encourage customers where you can to only get their coffee from you for the next few weeks. Or partner with another local business in the area, like a nail salon, and host a night of coffee and treatments to be seen by new customers.

Final Thoughts

These three methods will get your business seen by others and promote your importance in the local community. Whatever your business circumstances, you can use these three methods to thrive.