Create a Website Yourself: Simple and Fast

Nowadays, every business has a website. Whether your business operates online or is a brick-and-mortar store doesn’t matter. The online presence has become essential for the success of every business, and this also applies to freelancers or artists that want to showcase their portfolios. Their website demonstrates your professionalism and skills and communicates that you are a reliable brand, even though it’s a personal website.

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This leads us to question how you can create your own website if you’re not a professional developer.    In 2023 fortunately, plenty of options can help you easily and quickly to create your own personalized website, even if you have limited hands-on experience. The trouble is, how to start?

If you feel overwhelmed and confused by the contradicting information out there, in this article, we’ve listed the exact steps that will lead you to your own website. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best tools for creating your own website.

Get a Domain Name

You have to have a domain name if you are to have a website. Think of the domain name as the address of your house. That would be your website. It is very important since it is the name that your visitors will type in a web browser to find your site.

This is the easiest part because you must purchase a domain name. Many providers on the market also combine other services, which might be useful when you’re building your website.

But the main part is to choose a reliable provider and pick a name that is easy to remember and is associated with your brand. Another tip is to use the com. or co. extension since it’s widely used, and most people expect to see that kind of extension with a commercial brand.

If you choose gov. or org, that is more associated with non-profits and governmental organizations; we advise you to refrain from experimenting in this aspect and stick to com.

Another fast and easy route many choose is to find a provider that offers you a package that includes website software with web hosting and your domain name.

A Website Builder

Now we get to the trickier part because you have to choose whether you would work with a web developer, which is a more expensive route but is the fastest route to getting a website. We recommend looking into web designers and web developers if you’re developing a website for an e-commerce store or a brand that an international audience would visit, and it is necessary to offer a high level of security.

For example, Crypto Casinos not only do they offer hundreds of different casino games by different developers they also have special features, new bonuses and promotions, and loyalty programs. The website itself needs to be well-equipped to deal not only with the security aspects of processing deposits and withdrawals but also the security of the casino games and the protection of the sensitive data of the casino members.

The web design among other features is so important that iGaming expert Steven Harper of rates casinos based on that factor.

In this case and other similar brands, it’s better to go down a safe route and work with a web developer, but otherwise, there are plenty of website builder platforms that are perfect if you’re looking to create a website for your needs.

However, if you’re looking to create your own website, we recommend looking for a website builder specifically designed for beginners. For example, if you’re looking for a simple portfolio website that showcases your work as an artist or a freelancer, then Wix is quite easy to use and is beginner friendly.

Squarespace has over 2 million subscribers on a global scale, and it’s a reliable brand in this space. Squarespace is also popular, and it’s actually a first choice for many brands and businesses professionally and even on e-commerce sites.

In both cases, you will use pre-designed templates, many of which are suitable for all kinds of purposes- from personal blogs to brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants, to name a few. Then you will personalize the website with drag-and-drop elements and add text suitable for your brand.

WordPress is also a popular platform, and it could be very useful if you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Plenty of tutorials can get you on track and help you create your own website. Also, it’s estimated that WordPress powers around 35% of websites worldwide. It’s a content management system with an ever-increasing number of themes and plug-ins, offering a lot of room for personalization.

Moreover, there are plenty of online tutorials specifically designed for WordPress that are basically available for you of charge from sites like YouTube. However, you can always purchase a course on Udemy or another online learning platform. It’s also worth mentioning that many developers specialize in WordPress, and if you ever need external help, you can easily book someone to help you with your website.


This is the best part where you can choose a theme suitable for your brand, and based on the website builder you have chosen, you have some preselected choices that are easy to customize. For example, if you’re looking to sell skin-care products and regimens, you can easily find a theme that works for that goal, and then you get to drag and drop certain elements and personalize them to fit your goals.

The last step is to make changes to the elements. For instance, you can change the stock photos, with your own professional photos, or add more pages if necessary to your website. Lastly, you’ll have to go through the website and see if there are any changes that you need to make before you launch it.


In 2023 there are loads of options that are easy to use for beginners that are looking to create their website. We also see that some applications like ChatGPT can even create a simple website in just a couple of hours. So, it’s likely that we will have even more options in the future that are beginner friendly. Right now, you can choose from reliable website builders that offer room for personalization and are easy to use. So, all you need to do is make a decision that’s best for your brand.