Unlock Productivity by Integrating Cisco Contact Center into Microsoft Dynamics

Do you feel your contact center processes are slowing productivity and causing bottlenecks? Do you spend too much time manually entering data which causes errors or confused customer experiences? You may need a more integrated approach to your contact center operations.

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By combining Cisco Contact Center solutions with Microsoft Dynamics, you can unlock an improved level of productivity while gaining powerful insights into customer behavior. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Cisco contact center, MS Dynamics CRM, and some top benefits of CTI integration with Dynamics CRM.

Overview of Cisco Contact Center

Cisco Contact Centers provide an all-in-one solution to businesses seeking advanced features and high-performance call control. With products such as call treatment, contact routing, and network-to-desktop CTI, the platform eliminates the need to maintain separate systems that would otherwise perform these functions.

Additionally, it supports omnichannel contact management, allowing companies to interact with their customers across multiple channels and ensure a consistent customer experience. Cisco Contact Center solutions also enable team collaboration, meetings, and various devices such as desk phones and soft clients, ensuring maximum user flexibility.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has emerged as a key tool for modern businesses. Integrating data stored across multiple sources – from email logs to customer support tickets – gives teams the power to identify trends, spot opportunities, and make informed decisions about their relationships with customers.

For single departments or entire organizations, this unified approach offers the 360-degree view of customers that we seek in the digital age of business. With the powerful combination of insights and capabilities that Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides, users have plenty of reasons to get on board.

How Companies can Unlock Productivity by Integrating Cisco into  Dynamics CRM

By integrating the Cisco Contact Center into Microsoft Dynamics, companies can unlock unparalleled levels of productivity. Customers can benefit from a unified agent desktop that helps anticipate their needs more effectively and provides seamless interactions between representatives and customers.

By streamlining communication across channels like voice, email, chat, and social media, your team will be better equipped to respond faster and smarter to customer requests. That accelerates ticket resolution, helping increase customer satisfaction and offering a superior experience with every call or message. Moreover, with the ability to predict future needs using smart analytics, you’ll be ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today.

Benefits of Using Dynamics CRM CTI Connector by  b+s

Seamless Transfer of IVR & Call Data

With b+s’ Dynamics CRM CTI Connector, contact center agents can efficiently transfer data between IVR systems and make calls more seamlessly than ever before. This intuitive Connector provides faster access to valuable information such as caller numbers, order details, payment status, and more, allowing agents to focus less on data entry and more on interacting with customers.

Decreased Time Spent on Wrap-Up or After-Call Work

CRM CTI Connector seamlessly links agents’ phones to Microsoft Dynamics CRM account data, allowing information to be entered quickly and with minimal effort. With this increased accuracy during and after customer calls, time spent on unwrapping or associated after-call work decreases significantly.

Increased First Call Resolution (FCR)

By leveraging the Dynamics CRM CTI Connector by b+s, contact centers have substantially increased their clients’ first call resolution (FCR). With its simple integration, agents have an intuitive interface that allows them to access full customer history and quickly take action on customer requests.

Real-time Display Based on Finesse Data

Contact center agents can now access real-time display data from Finesse in a more efficient way than ever before. It allows for businesses to save more resources than ever, overlooking customer inquiries and providing an optimum level of customer experience. As a result, businesses can free up their team’s time, allowing them to put those resources into other organizational initiatives.

Supervisor Features

b+s’ CRM Connector provides an incredible set of supervisory features to help contact centers optimize their operations. Supervisors can easily monitor and intervene in active calls, or remotely alter employee status to improve workflow. Customizable barge-in and interception options allow supervisors exclusive access while the call remains secure. All these features combine to make the Dynamics CRM CTI Connector by b+s a must-have for any contact center looking to stay sharp in today’s competitive market.

How to Get Started with the Integration Process

Integrating the Cisco contact center and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is essential for maximizing efficiency in customer service. It can be a complex process, but getting started can be easy with the help of Bucher Suter.

All you need to do is reach out and let them know your specific needs to get the process underway. With their experience, b+s can quickly assess what’s necessary to successfully run your integrated system so that you can enjoy all the benefits of real-time customer data sharing between different platforms.