Mercedes AMG Parts That Ensure Better Car Performance

For many, the name Mercedes is associated with luxury, quality, and unlimited comfort. Like most other car manufacturers, Mercedes also produces not only ordinary everyday cars but also vehicles with far superior performance capabilities, also known as the AMG series.



Not every car driver of this brand knows that ordinary Mercedes parts can be replaced with high-performance AMG parts. Such parts give the car a better appearance or added value and take care of the car’s capabilities on the road. A good example is the AMG brakes, which are quite different from conventional brakes. First of all, their brake calipers have an integrated higher number of cylinders, which ensures a higher clamping force of the pad. Such brakes usually have larger discs, which help to stop the car more efficiently, regardless of the speed at which it is driven.


It is also well known to Mercedes fans that AMG car suspensions are incredibly comfortable and can be controlled according to the driver’s personal needs. This means that when needed, they adapt to the driver’s programmed instructions and become much stiffer. This makes it easier to control the car, make it more stable on the road, and much more. Meanwhile, you can use a softer suspension for quiet driving and enjoy full comfort.


One of the most popular retrofit options is changing the exhaust system. AMG car exhaust systems are known for their great looks and powerful sound that wakes up every time you press the accelerator pedal. Of course, for many cars, an AMG exhaust system would be just a way to dress up the look of the car, because a powerful sound requires a more powerful engine. However, there is another reason why original AMG Mercedes cars have factory-fitted sports exhaust systems. AMG exhaust systems are permeable to engine-induced gas, which is easier to remove. In this way, the car’s power and torque are slightly increased.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Also, people quite often choose AMG sports trim parts, which are usually made of natural and pure carbon fiber. At first glance, it may seem that such parts are just a great way to improve the appearance of the car, but in fact, they help to improve the performance of the car. Carbon fiber is a very light material, which, although not much, helps to reduce the weight of the car. Meanwhile, the AMG carbon fiber spoiler not only looks great but also improves the car’s aerodynamic capabilities. A moving car encounters air flow, and the spoiler forces this airflow to press the rear of the car against the road surface. This creates a better grip, and at the same time the controllability of the car.

So, there are quite a few sporty AMG parts that will affect not only the appearance of the car but also its performance. The integration of some of them into standard Mercedes cars may require some modifications, so you should prepare for this in advance.