Finbarr Filan Of Sligo Wins Top Business Accolade In The UK And Ireland

The Irish Examiner Business Awards has recently honoured Finbarr Filan of Sligo with the award for Inspirational Business Leader during the pandemic. Filan’s significant contributions to the Sligo community and the Irish business landscape have earned him this recognition. He is known for his selfless and relentless efforts to advance businesses in Sligo and create a dynamic and engaged community that benefits all stakeholders.

Finbarr Filan

Filan is one of the most exceptional leaders in Irish businesses, displaying remarkable business acumen while possessing a strong leadership capacity. He has always spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that have transformed the entire business landscape of Ireland. Filan’s transformative vision of town centres has not gone unnoticed in the Irish business community, facilitating the country’s economic expansion.

Filan’s involvement in national policy-making and leadership in public-private partnerships for town centres’ revitalization has garnered recognition across the entire country. His passion for community building and his dedication to revamping town centres’ strategic visions have earned him the Inspirational Business Leader award during the pandemic.

Filan, a remarkable business leader today, was not always inclined to place management. At the outset, he was doubtful, questioning the feasibility of augmenting a place’s atmosphere to make it more alluring and conducive for businesses. However, over time, his outlook transformed as he identified an unexplored potential in the neighbouring communities.

The inception of Filan’s journey commenced with his engagement in the local Chamber of Commerce, gradually ascending to the position of chairman. His leadership enabled him to bring forth novel and inventive concepts for the progress of the Sligo area. He implemented an unparalleled business plan that was centred on the value of the local community, which proved highly successful.

Recognized as a pioneering figure within Sligo’s bustling business community, Filan has gained a visionary reputation for his groundbreaking work on public-private partnerships. On the other hand, he was at the forefront of advocating sustainable energy practices in Irish enterprises. As a result, there has been a noteworthy decrease in carbon emissions, representing a considerable stride towards realizing a sustainable Irish economy – a flagship achievement that Filan takes immense pride in.

Filan’s devotion to promoting a greener future is rooted in his belief that such initiatives are essential ingredients for Ireland’s continued growth and prosperity. He envisions a united and supportive business community that is committed to environmental responsibility. His philanthropic efforts and commitment to community building illustrate his constant pursuit of a more equitable and prosperous Ireland. With Filan’s vision and leadership, the Irish business community is poised to realize unprecedented opportunities for growth, development, and impact.

Ojay McDonald, CEO of ATCM, commends Filan, stating, “Finbarr’s expedition has been nothing short of extraordinary. Formerly a sceptic of place management, staunchly opposed to the idea of businesses playing an active role in the community and supporting partnerships for the betterment of society, we had to labour assiduously to persuade him of the benefits of such practices. However, upon witnessing the vast potential that can be unleashed through collaboration, he has since committed every spare moment to mastering the art of bolstering local economies and communities. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as his leadership has been acknowledged by the Irish Government and revered by the cohort of place-makers throughout the United Kingdom.”

Gail McGibbon, CEO of Sligo BID, who nominated Finbarr Filan for the award, shares, “Once he saw what could be achieved in a collaboration, he devoted every spare minute to learning how to strengthen local economies and communities, and has become so influential that his leadership is recognized by the Irish Government and even among the family of place-makers across the UK.”

Filan’s expedition from being doubtful about place management to becoming an exemplary leader in the business arena is truly awe-inspiring. His arduous perseverance and unwavering dedication are emblematic of his passion for developing robust communities not only in Sligo but also throughout Ireland. Filan’s innovative outlook and adept employment of public-private collaborations have established a benchmark for both commercial establishments and local authorities to pursue cooperative undertakings that facilitate community development. The extent of Filan’s impact on the Irish commercial world and society transcends the confines of his immediate Sligo community, lending him the distinction of a remarkable leader in his field.