Evri Apologies For Mass Parcel Delays Across The UK

Billed as the ‘new Hermes’ courier company Evri has become a common talking point across the UK. Especially after the Christmas period, when parcels were regularly delayed due to volume and demand for deliveries, many consumers have seen parcels delayed or not delivered. Alongside these delays and mistakes has come a large increase in customer complaints. Recently, Evri had to provide a meaningful apology to nationwide customers due to parcels turning up late or failing to turn up at all.


Evri, a courier service providing other options to Hermes and DPD, has come under fire for many high-profile mistakes. Social media posts highlighting the company for lack of deliveries, and a lack of accountability in handling disputes, have become commonplace. The negative news cycle has seen the company provide an apology in full to customers across the UK.

They blamed many situations: poor weather, staff shortages, and the Royal Mail strike. This has, they believe, led to serious issues with being able to handle the delivery pipeline. This has contributed to some significant delivery time issues, leaving more than a few individuals wanting more.

Indeed, the courier came under fire in December when Labour Party MP, Carolyn Harris accused them of ‘causing misery’ during the festive period. The company responded to this complaint, saying they would be clearing their backlogs in the “next few days” to help alleviate further delays.

Parcels Go Missing Amid Major Scandal

Parcels have frequently gone missing for individuals, and this has caused more than a little consternation among shoppers. Others have seen parcels marked as delivered, despite the fact they were not, while others have found themselves facing delays that run upwards of a month. UK-wide reports of parcels not turning up on time have become commonplace, with many complaining of parcels not arriving – in places like Warwickshire, reports suggested hundreds of parcels were yet to arrive where they should.

One high-profile story saw a mother sending her child a food parcel over Christmas – a parcel which, at the time of writing, has still not arrived. For many, these delays have caused a loss of trust in the network, becoming an increasing problem. As Evri continues to try and break into the market as a major leader in deliveries, these delays and problems only serve to cause more issues for the company ahead of a busy period.

Parcel delivery problems have been commonplace in the past. With more courier firms and delivery companies arriving on the scene regularly, many assume that the next company will avoid the mistakes of their competition. As it stands, it looks like these hopes might be in vain.

Optimists believe that the end of 2022 was simply a perfect combination of problems that have led to significant slowdowns and issues across the entire market. In time, it is hoped that this will change for the better. For now, though, it looks like Evri has more questions to answer than expected.