3 Ways To Encourage Sustainable Commuting At Your Company

Now it’s more important than ever that businesses take steps to combat climate change and preserve the environment for generations to come. Of course, you should review your business operations and see if you could make your production more sustainable. But you and your employees should also try to include more eco-friendly habits in your lives outside work once you commit to the cause. Transportation is often mentioned as one of the main contributors to climate change – and there are a few easy steps you can take to impact the commute of your employees. Remember that as a leader, you should lead by example and show your employees that you care. Here’s how you can encourage your employees to make commuting more sustainable.

sustainable commuting

Let People Sign Up For A Carpooling System

Carpooling could be an effective way to cut carbon emissions from commuting and focusing on becoming sustainable. When two or more employees travel together, they might be able to cut emissions down significantly. But how can you encourage the workers to give it a try? First, tell them about the benefits it could bring to the environment and their lives. You might also want to create a system that would enable the employees to sign up for the opportunity. It could also help the employees to determine who would drive and when. At the same time, the workers might be able to lower their expenses and make their vehicles last longer.

Introduce A Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as a more sustainable transport solution. However, many people think that cars are too expensive. Bringing a salary sacrifice car scheme with companies like Pink Salary Exchange might help you to motivate your employees to invest in EVs. Leasing the vehicle through the scheme might help them to save some money and make their budget stretch further.

The costs of a lease, service, maintenance and insurance are all included in one payment and could make it easier for the workers to plan their finances for every month. As an employer, you might be able to motivate your employees better and lower the climate impact of your company at the same time.

Make Your Site’s Infrastructure More Bike-Friendly

Bikes are one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport. But many employees might find it dangerous and inconvenient to cycle to work every day if they don’t have suitable conditions to do so. Adjusting the infrastructure on the business site to make it more bike-friendly might encourage the employees to pedal to work every morning.

Ensure that there are lanes for cyclists that would keep them safe and separated from other vehicles. You should provide them with secure racks where they can keep their bikes throughout the day. Finally, you might want to introduce lockers where they could keep their helmets and other gear. And if they travel from a further distance, they might appreciate having showers available on the site. Giving your employees better conditions might encourage them to cycle to work and make their everyday commute more sustainable.