5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have An In-House IT Team

For modern businesses, often one of the most common issues that occurs is IT problems. Slow technology can have a major effect on productivity and efficiency within a business, so when technology is not working in your favour, it is important that you find fast solutions. One of the best solutions to this problem is having an in-house IT department. While some businesses rely on an external IT team to assist them with problems, we believe that an in-house IT team is always going to be better for business.

In-House IT Team

But what exactly are the benefits of an in-house team? In this article, we will explore 5 reasons in favour of an in-house IT department, so if you have been on the fence for a while, hopefully this article will provide some clarity. Keep on reading to find out more!

Improving Customer Services

Arguably, one of the main benefits of having an in-house IT department is that you are able to improve customer service. The importance of exceptional customer service cannot be understated; maintaining customer satisfaction ultimately means more profits for your company, so it is essential that you always find ways to help customers out.

Having an in-house team means that if a customer is experiencing any technical issues, the department can look into it straight away. Your IT team can utilise tools like TSplus Remote Support to provide remote assistance via screensharing, from wherever they are. Remote access means that issues are being dealt with quickly and efficiently, meaning you will have more happy customers.

Quick Fixes For The Whole Team

We mentioned in the introduction how slow technology can have a severe impact on productivity and efficiency. This is why having an in-house team can prove to be so beneficial as it means any issues that be fixed quickly. If one of your team is having trouble with their PC running slowly, it is likely that this will interrupt their workday, and if you needed to call out for IT support, then the issue probably wouldn’t be resolved for a day or two.

However, with an in-house team, you are able to communicate with the department as soon as the issue occurs, and they can then get straight to fixing the problem. Having this direct and open communication with staff and the IT department will be beneficial to everyone, as it will prevent any misunderstandings and it could even mean that your staff learn something new. Your IT-department may be able to provide some helpful tips and tricks that your staff can use if the issue occurs again. This will essentially boost productivity and it can lead to a higher staff morale.

Extra Support For Remote Workers

Another reason to employee a team of tech whizzes for your company is that it means remote workers will always be supported. Whether you have full-time remote workers or you are operating as a hybrid company, it is important that when your staff are working from home, they still have IT support. It can be stressful when faced with a tech problem while you are working from home, so if you have an in-house team, it will mean that even remote workers can get their issues resolved as soon as possible. Again, your IT team can use tools to access remote workers desktops and support them with whatever tasks they need.

Long-term Cost Effectiveness

One of the main arguments against in-house IT teams is that they cost too much. Having to pay salaries for a whole extra team can sometimes be costly, but we would argue that, in the long run, having an in-house team will work out better value for your money. If you choose not to hire an in-house team, if you then run into a major issue that needs to be sorted ASAP, then you will have to fork out a lot of money to get it fixed. However, if you already have a team in place then it means any major issues that arise, you can deal with them immediately at no extra cost.

Boosts Productivity And Efficiency

It is clear that slow tech will lead to a lack of productivity. There is no way you can get stuck into a task if you are also trying to wrestle with your slow computer. Having to refresh pages or simply wait until pages load will have a big impact on your overall performance, but if you could just contact an IT team whenever you need to, it will mean that you can get right back on track.

Not only will your IT department boost productivity, but they will also increase efficiency too. With staff now able to crack on with tasks without any technological interruptions, they will ultimately be able to get more done. So, it seems that for businesses who strive for businesses that strive for efficiency and productivity, having an IT team is the way to go.