How Can You Be More Diverse With Your Interim Staff

Recruiting new staff is a long and difficult process; not only do you need to try and find the person with the highest skill level, but they also need to fit into the company and gel with the rest of the team. This can be particularly difficult when finding temporary staff as many people feel they do not have to find the perfect fit, when in reality, selecting someone that isn’t quite right for the role can derail the organisation for months to come. However, a major point in hiring that needs to be accounted for is having diversity within your interim staff.

Interim Staff

This is due to the fact that ethnic minority groups are affected disproportionately than other privileged groups in society. This results in the need to allow for ethnic minority groups to get opportunities for employment and to progress, which is aided by making more diverse choices within your recruitment. There are a few ways to be more diverse within your interim management recruitment, and we’ve pulled together some of the best ways that will help you do so.

Make Diversity A Priority

This may sound incredibly basic, but for some employers, diversity isn’t even at the top of their priority list when hiring. It’s important to look at diversity as being a positive thing; not sure something that you have to do when hiring. Diversity across your interim staff will give your permanent staff insights into working with different people, and this will be of value to both the interim staff and your team. Having a diverse interim group of staff will also bring a range of different skills to your workforce, as everyone will have a variety of life experiences.

Advertise The Role On Diverse Channels

There are several platforms out there that promote employment roles for diverse groups of people. Examples of this are BME jobs or Evenbreak. This will attract a range of people to apply for your interim role and ensure you can a wide range of candidates. If you focus on the same hiring channels, you will always get a similar person applying to the role, but these diverse platforms are creating a way that is more accessible and targeted for less privileged groups of people.

Make The Interim Role Accessible

This can be achieved in a number of ways; making a role more accessible can be done in many ways. The first way is to ensure that the role is in an environment that is easily accessed by anyone with physical disabilities; this may include adding ramps or a lift. Another way to make a role more accessible is to have a method for visually impaired people to apply or read the job description. This will ensure that your interim management position is more accessible to people.

The last way to make a job more accessible is to offer alternative routes of employment, and this could be creating criteria where the candidate is allowed to have a different level of experience than others.

Creating a diverse workforce, even with interim staff, is of the utmost importance. We cannot stress enough how necessary it is in today’s world to prioritise your diversity when you’re employing temporary or permanent staff. As we’ve explained today, it does not have to be difficult or time-consuming; there are just little things that will ensure your hiring process creates a safe and diverse workforce. Aside from benefitting your team and your business in the long run, the main benefit is that you could be helping someone to better their life.