How To Make Money Trading Crypto Futures In 2023?

Cryptocurrencies are moving forward with a fantastic speed of development every day, opening up new opportunities for creating businesses related to crypto technology, which are actively being implemented in various areas of our lives. One of the most popular types of such companies is cryptocurrency brokerage – an innovative business model that combines the advantages of cryptocurrency exchange and classic brokerage business.

crypto futures

That’s why beginners try to choose futures on crypto for investing. Every novice trader must assess the risks associated with buying coins. In this article, we will explain in detail what you need to invest in crypto.

Tips About Making Profits in Bitcoin Futures Trading

Bitcoin appeared on the market a long time ago. Few people believed in the success of this cryptocurrency. But time has shown the opposite. Today bitcoin futures trading is famous around the world. Despite the jumps in the value of Bitcoin, it is in the top three among electronic coins. 

First, we need to understand what bitcoin futures are . Bitcoin futures or bitcoin bets are agreements to buy or sell an asset on an agreed date and at an agreed price in the future. Typically, this transaction is made on a cryptocurrency exchange, and the party selling the contract commits to provide it. Futures contracts cannot be adjusted and, unlike futures contracts, are publicly traded.

There are these types of crypto-futures:

  • Perpetual contracts: These are similar to futures contracts. As a trader, you can hold a position indefinitely if you have enough money. If you are an active trader, open-ended contracts are for you. They combine the clarity of spot trading with the risk hedging of the futures market.
  • Options: If the crypto exchange of your choice allows options trading, you can trade the underlying asset at an agreed price and time. A call option means the right to buy, and a put option represents the right to sell. With call (buy) options, you don’t have to exercise them, unlike Bitcoin futures. You can have a chance. Compared to lots, options involve less risk and therefore offer more flexibility.
  • Swaps: Crypto derivatives can be exchanged for each other through swaps. This makes it easy to profit later when you think the asset being traded will rise in value. Swaps also help traders switch from a volatile asset to a stablecoin and help hedge against natural events.
  • Futures contracts (forwards): Forwards are customized derivatives that are traded over the counter (OTC). There are significant risks involved. A futures contract involves only one payment at maturity, unlike swaps, which typically involve a series of payments in the future. This means that a single-period exchange is equivalent to a forward contract. Although the liquidity risk is lower with forwards, the risk is higher.

Bitcoin derivatives are more popular than ever, accounting for most global cryptocurrency trading volume. As this trend continues, it is essential to understand the different types of Bitcoin derivatives and their significance.

Crypto derivatives are financial products that track the price of a cryptocurrency but not the asset itself. They are an excellent tool for traders exploiting price fluctuations and profit.

Is Crypto Futures Trading Profitable?

New traders have a question: is crypto futures trading profitable? It is an excellent opportunity for new traders to learn how to trade. This way is much easier than learning the cryptocurrency market. Secondly, you can profit much more than by selling the usual cryptocurrencies. At the same time, cryptocurrency futures trading does not require investing large amounts of money. You can start earning only 10 euros or dollars. 

There are many more strategies in cryptocurrency futures trading than in the usual cryptocurrency market. In addition, crypto futures allow you to open short positions without blockers. As a result, you have more opportunities to deploy different trading strategies and maximize profits.

Thus, direct investment in the stock market is more attractive because when you open it, you have to consider the lost income in the form of dividends. Then the futures are quoted below the market value of the underlying asset and talk about a favorable carry cost.

Traders and investors look closely at the liquidity of a new asset to determine market integrity, transaction speed, market fluidity, and overall stability of the asset-all of which allow traders to quickly exchange their investment for cash without too much of a price drop.

When trading futures, there are three main metrics for determining liquidity. These are the liquidity of the asset, the exchange, and the market. A trader should always consider whether there are enough buyers, sellers, makers, and takers and the overall condition of the asset and the market.


Bitcoin futures and options offer traders exclusive advantages. Futures tend to be cheaper and have a larger market but are also riskier. The decision depends on your risk tolerance and liquidity.

The main feature of cryptocurrency futures trading is the ability to protect against unfavorable price movements and extreme cryptocurrency volatility, bitcoin or ether. The high volatility of digital currencies allows traders to buy assets at low prices and sell them when their value rises and vice versa. So before you start working with cryptocurrency futures, evaluate all the risks and positives.

But futures are more suitable for beginners. It is a market where you can make more money. You don’t need to invest too much money. Future is an alternative for investors who want to learn how to work and make money from cryptocurrency. The complexities of trading cryptocurrency futures require diligent study of the basics, including the mechanisms influencing each trade.

To become an expert in cryptocurrency futures trading, potential traders must become familiar with the basic concepts of the market. Only by gaining this knowledge can one approach the status of a professional trader.