3 Tips for Preparing Your Staff to be Brand Ambassadors at an Event

As a business owner or manager, you know that your staff is one of your most valuable assets. They are the face of your brand, and their interactions with customers can make or break your business’s reputation. This is especially true when it comes to events where your staff will be interacting with a large number of potential customers. This is why it is vital that your staff are all up to scratch if you are planning to attend an event. In this article, we will share three tips with you for preparing your staff to be effective brand ambassadors at events. Let’s get right into it.

Brand Ambassadors

1. Train Your Staff on Your Brand Identity

Before your staff can effectively represent your brand at an event, they need to understand your brand identity. This includes your brand values, mission statement, and overall aesthetic. Make sure your staff is familiar with your brand’s messaging and tone of voice, and train them on how to communicate these elements to potential customers. This will ensure that your staff is consistent in their messaging and reinforces your brand’s identity.

Getting ahead of the competition at events can be difficult, and if you put in a ton of time and effort to showcase what your brand is about, all of your efforts will be wasted if you are not able to create a coherent front that is easily identifiable. Do everything you can to ensure that all of your brand ambassadors represent the same ideals and values.

2. Provide Them with Event-Specific Information

It goes without saying that each event you attend is unique. While making a plan and preparing your staff to represent your brand is all well and good, if you don’t tailor your efforts to the plan at hand, then you could come across as inauthentic. This means you should prepare your brand ambassadors to know details such as the event’s location, schedule, other events that are big in the industry, and any special promotions or deals you may be offering.

In addition to this, make sure your staff is prepared to answer any questions potential customers may have about the event and that they can communicate the benefits of attending. This will help your staff be more effective in engaging with potential customers and driving traffic to your booth.

3. Give Them the Tools They Need to Succeed

To be effective brand ambassadors, your staff needs the right tools and resources. This may include branded clothing, marketing materials, or product samples. Make sure your staff is equipped with everything they need to represent your brand in the best possible way. This will not only help them feel more confident, but it will also make a positive impression on potential customers.

In addition to providing your staff with the tools they need, make sure you also provide them with support and guidance. Check in with your staff regularly throughout the event to see how they’re doing and provide any additional support they may need.


If you feel like you have not got the time or the skills to train your staff to be brand ambassadors, then a simple solution is to outsource the majority of the work. There are many ways to go about this, but perhaps the easiest is to solicit the help of an event staffing agency.

These types of companies can give you a specialised and trained workforce that can essentially act as temporary brand ambassadors or employees for your business, taking almost all of the hard work out of the ordeal. For some businesses, this will be the ideal solution.

In conclusion, preparing your staff to be effective brand ambassadors at events requires a combination of training, event-specific information, and the right tools and resources. By investing in your staff’s preparation, you can ensure that they are representing your brand in the best possible way and making a positive impression on potential customers.

Alternatively, you could go down the route of outsourcing to professionals. Whichever course of action you decide to take, as long as you plan well ahead of time, you can’t go wrong.