Proxyway Releases Fifth Annual Report on Proxy Server Market

Proxyway is a leading researcher and reviewer of web scraping infrastructure. The company continued the tradition and released its fifth annual report on the proxy server market. The comprehensive report is still the only publicly accessible resource of its kind. It is based on detailed technical benchmarks providing an overview of all major proxy service providers.


This year, Proxyway’s annual report integrates a more comprehensive overview of market trends by expanding collaboration with proxy providers who participated in a survey.

Why Are Proxy Providers Important?

To understand the importance of proxy services to industry players, let’s look at the core principles of this service. A proxy acts as an intermediary between a user and web server.

Basically, when you initiate a web query, data is transmitted from your device to the server that can identify your IP address. So, the website you access sends back the response with your IP address. By using specialized tools, server administrators can easily determine your location based on the information in the data and the associated IP address.

In this case, a proxy server can change your IP address, and improve your online privacy. However, it is not possible to achieve complete anonymity online through proxies alone.

Nonetheless, proxies can bolster the level of privacy while browsing the web. Additionally, you can leverage these opportunities for professional use – proxies can give you access to large amounts of data while covering your real IP address and location.

eCommerce Thrives On Web Scraping

Proxy services take a broader landscape of the web data industry. According to a survey by Censuswide, more than three-quarters of e-commerce companies in the UK and the US now use public web data extraction in their daily operations.

Web scraping involves collecting data using specialized tools. Many companies use that information to find new market opportunities, analyze competition, and improve marketing strategies.

Proxyway’s survey revealed that multiple proxy providers reported triple-digit annual growth, highlighting the expansion of proxy server infrastructure across various sectors beyond e-commerce.

Despite these findings there has been a lack of independent coverage and information about the key participants in the market. Proxy Market Research was made to bridge this gap, offering valuable insights to industry professionals and businesses alike.

Key Features From Proxyway’s Annual Report

Proxyway’s annual report is a freely available resource that provides insights into the proxy server industry.

Twelve major providers

Proxyway’s fifth proxy market report included 12 leading proxy service providers. Bright Data and Oxylab are among notable industry leaders that account for most of the proxy server market, especially for residential proxies. Proxyway reported on most providers in previous reports, while Infatica and Webshare participated for the first time.

Five proxy network types researched

Proxyway’s report focuses on the top five proxy network types, including residential, mobile, rotating and dedicated datacenter, as well as ISP proxies. It provided an overview of the proxy networks, their sizes, performance, available features, and the pricing in the report.

Large scale testing

The annual report data is based on large-scale performance benchmarks. Extensive tests were run on residential and mobile proxy networks, resulting in millions of connection requests over several weeks to assess the performance of each provider.

Comparing history data

Thanks to yearly tradition and collected data, the report compares how the performance and infrastructure of each participant changed over the years. You can find interactive graphs and see the results side by side.

A more comprehensive overview of industry market trends

As Proxyway extended its collaboration with proxy providers, the report included a more thorough overview of the market industry trends. Drawing on a survey and internal expertise, the report outlines popular proxy types, use cases, market direction, and opportunities and threats in the industry.

Trusted By Leading Proxy Providers

Proxyway’s Proxy Market Research has gained recognition as one of the most reliable proxy server industry information resources. It is widely used (and recognized) by both providers and businesses to make informed decisions regarding proxy server infrastructure.

“On behalf of Oxylabs, we would like to extend our appreciation to Proxyway’s team for their in-depth yearly research and their efforts to shed light on the industry.” – Oxylabs, a leading proxy service provider.

“We would like to thank Proxyway for recognizing our efforts and express our gratitude to our clients for choosing us as their trusted proxy provider.” – Bright Data, a leading proxy service provider.

“This data is immensely helpful! Normally we’d have to spend time emailing each provider to set up a proper test account, write our tests, conduct them, and then examine the data. This report will save us so much time in the future. And for a business, time saved is money saved.” – SerpAPI, a provider of search engine scraping services.

Proxy Market Research is publicly available on Proxyway’s website. To access the report and delve into its valuable insights, visit here