5 Simple Ways For Your Business To Go Green

It’s more important than ever for businesses to make sustainable choices. In addition to positively impacting the environment, it’s becoming clearer that employees want to work for companies with sustainability at the forefront of their thinking. Fortunately, your business can go green by making simple changes in many ways.

go green

If you’re just doing the basic requirements of every business, it’s time to step up. Here’s what you need to know.

Compost Kitchen Waste

That’s right! You can make compost out of the waste in your kitchen. Whether it’s waste from a kitchen canteen or waste from employees’ lunches, it’s all valuable. Nominate a member of staff to take on the role of creating compost for the business.

You can then use the compost to plant a business garden. Whether you choose to plant flowers, trees, or vegetables, it all benefits the planet. Planting trees will increase the air quality and growing vegetables will mean you have your own produce to cook in the canteen.

Recycle Everything

Most businesses are already recycling. The importance of recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass is old news. However, many businesses find that they have more recyclables than they’re able to recycle. If your recycling bins are only so big and they’re only collected periodically, it can mean that many recyclables end up mixed with general waste.

Using waste balers and compactors is a great way to recycle as much as you can without having to worry about space or paying for additional collections. The more you recycle, the more reduced your carbon footprint is.

Environmentally Friendly Products

No matter what products you’re using for your business, you can guarantee there’s an environmentally friendly option on the market. Take cleaning products for example. There are many environmentally friendly cleaning products that have been made from 100% recycled materials and include natural ingredients.

They are also often refillable and recyclable so they can be used over and over again. The same goes for many other products used every day in business.

Remote Working

More and more people are seeing the advantages of remote working where the environment is concerned. Your employees will get to avoid the commute to work which means there are fewer emissions in the air. Your business will produce less waste if there are fewer employees present and you’ll require less office space.

There are times when remote working isn’t possible but you could consider a hybrid role instead. This means working from home for part of the week and coming into the office when it’s necessary. 

Green Packaging

This is one your customers will love you for. There are new types of environmentally friendly packaging being produced all the time. Have you thought about using cloth packaging printed with water based ink to display your logo? 

You could also think about compostable packaging where your customers can use your packaging to make their own compost.

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