Tried And Tested Marketing Strategies For Accountants

Whether you are a new accountancy firm or just looking to acquire new clients, marketing is essential to make sure that you have as many suitable clients as possible. Accountancy can be a very competitive field, especially with more and more accountancy firms offering remote services to customers throughout the world. Read here for marketing strategies for accountants.

Marketing Strategies Accountants

This means that you are competing against far more providers than simply local accountancy firms. Of course, this is where marketing can be a huge help. But how can accountancy firms master marketing to get the best results? Here is our roundup of tried and tested marketing strategies that can help boost your accountancy firm.

Making The Most Out of Paying For Marketing

Marketing can be a large expense for many businesses, but it’s vital to set aside money for this to make sure you ensure a steady stream of new customers. If you’re paying for marketing, you should make sure that you get maximum benefit from these outgoing funds, and one of the best ways to to do this is by using a credit card. Business credit cards offer many benefits when you use them for marketing expenditures. For example, you can get credit cards that help you earn air miles or feature cashback offers. You’ll also have payment protection on credit cards.

“If you have business expenses, these should be put on a business credit card. With the right card you can take advantage of the benefits it offers, and you’ll also avoid the long-winded process of reimbursing employees for work-related expenses. Plus,  you’ll have flexible credit at your fingertips when you need it. A credit card means you can make payments safely and securely online with marketing companies throughout the world.”

– David Luck, Co-founder and CEO of Capital on Tap

Marketing Strategies

Here’s our list of top marketing strategies for accountants.

Improve Your Website

It’s vital to have a fast and accessible website so potential clients can find the information they need. You should focus on making your website readable, easy to navigate, but still interesting and eye-catching. Luckily, there’s plenty of website design inspiration that will help you get ideas for how to give your website a facelift. If you’ve already got an effective website, don’t be afraid to go for a relaunch where you make new and better content for your firm.

Post Well-Written Blogs And Newsletters

Once you’ve got a good website, you need to get people to visit it. That’s where blogs come in. If you post useful, well-written, and relevant blogs, you’ll be able to stay nearer the top of the search engine rankings, and you’ll get more organic traffic to your site. Older blogs will keep drawing new people in while posting new blogs regularly will build loyalty and bring customers back to you. You can also offer newsletter signups that will hopefully remind people of your company and keep you at the front of their minds.

Attend Networking Events

Networking is still important, and events such as conferences, trade shows, or other gatherings are a great way to make connections face-to-face. While it’s good to connect with people over emails or social media, meeting people in person will help them remember you and it can help you quickly discover what services you can offer them.

Have Handouts And Swag For Potential Customers

If you want to make people remember your firm, branded handouts and swag are always effective for making an impression. If you’re attending corporate events you should always have something to share. There are lots of swag ideas, but be sure to make it something useful, not too bulky, and items that people are likely to want to keep.

David Luck goes on to say:

“Business credit cards are ideal for spreading the cost of large marketing purchases. Many branded items are cheaper when bought in bulk, and with the right business credit card, you can benefit from savings when purchasing a year’s worth of corporate promotional items at once. When you’re approved for a business credit card, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can make the most of a great deal, take fast action, or make an urgent purchase.”

Offer Talks and speeches at events

One way to get noticed is to sell yourself as an expert in the field of accountancy. Doing talks at events or finding speaking opportunities can help with this. It can make you a memorable figure, as well as give you an opportunity to show that your firm is the best fit for potential new clients.

Offer Giveaways

Everyone loves getting something for free or a special deal and it can be really helpful to have giveaways to help attract customers. You only need to run one or two giveaways a year to see the benefits, and you don’t have to offer your very highest-cost services if that’s not feasible. Just make sure you offer something that your clients will value. You can use also giveaways to get contact details or newsletter sign-ups.

Get Good Reviews And Ask For Referrals

Many accountancy firms get work through word-of-mouth. It’s always worth asking your customers if they know anyone who might benefit from your services. You can offer a special introductory rate or a referral bonus as an incentive. You should also ask your customers to leave good reviews online if they appreciated your services. Most consumers use reviews to help them decide which company to go with, so you need to make sure that you tap into that.

Use Social Media

Social media marketing is a must for the modern era. Millions use social media, and you can reach out to all kinds of potential new customers with the right posts. You have to make sure that your social media content is interesting, eye-catching, and appropriate for your firm.

Offer Videos Snd Podcasts

Just as written content can be a valued resource, videos and podcasts are popular as well. These are again great ways to show that you are an expert in your field, as well as engage with people and keep them coming back to your website. It’s best to stick to a regular posting schedule for this kind of content to keep people watching or listening regularly.

Marketing Strategies For Accountants: Summary

Marketing strategies are vital in marketing in any field, especially for accountants in a competitive field. There are many ways to keep people interested in your company and to engage new customers, such as newsletters, websites, networking, and videos. You need to experiment to find the right mix of strategies that works for your company.