The US State Most Obsessed With Video Games

  • Nevada is the most video games obsessed state in America with 7,658 average searches of gaming related terms per 100,000 population
  • Georgia and New York finish up the top three
  • Hawaii, Montana and Vermont are at the bottom of the list, being the states least interested in gaming in the US


Nevada is the US state most obsessed with video games, a new study reveals.

The study, conducted by online jigsaw site I’m-A-Puzzle, analyzed over 1,000 search terms related to video games and gaming in each US state to determine which of them has had the most interest in the topic in the past 12 months. The results for each search term were then summed by state, divided by the state population and multiplied by 100,000, giving search interest per 100,000 population.

Nevada comes in first with 7,658 average monthly searches of terms related to gaming per 100,000 population. Among the most searched terms in the state that summed up to the total state volume there are “ps5” with 28,858 monthly searches, “steam” with 25,150 and “Nintendo switch” with 22,991 average searches.

Second on the list Georgia which registered 7,636.12 average monthly searches per 100k population, while in third place comes New York with 7,596.88 average searches for gaming and video games related terms per 100,000 population.

In both states, searches for “ps5”, “Nintendo Switch” and “steam” are the most popular as well, for a total of 476,750 average monthly searches for these three terms alone in New York and 242,000 in Georgia.

Further down on the list, Utah is fourth, while Texas is fifth. The states registered respectively 7,346 and 7,317 average monthly searches per 100,000 population.

Top 10 US states most obsessed with video games
Rank State Average Monthly Search Volume Per 100k
1 Nevada 7,658.20
2 Georgia 7,636.12
3 New York 7,596.88
4 Utah 7,346.78
5 Texas 7,317.55
6 Colorado 7,314.65
7 Illinois 7,197.57
8 Virginia 7,167.63
9 Maryland 7,145.73
10 California 7,130.48

On the other side of the list, Hawaii is the state least interested in video games with 4,889 average monthly searches per 100,000 population.

Montana and Vermont come right after with respectively 5,249 and 5,492 average monthly searches.

Bottom 10 US States the most obsessed with video games
Rank State Average Monthly Search Volume Per 100k
50 Hawaii          4,889.61
49 Montana          5,249.06
48 Vermont          5,492.50
47 South Dakota          5,641.75
46 Alaska          5,710.33
45 Mississippi          6,008.73
44 Maine          6,035.34
43 Wyoming          6,040.79
42 Idaho          6,043.73
41 Iowa          6,044.65

A spokesperson for I’m-A-Puzzle commented on the findings: “It is interesting to see how interest towards video games and gaming in general seems very high throughout the country, with similar values for each state in the top 10.”

“Moreover, the most popular terms are also similar, making it possible to decree that Americans are generally the most interested In the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as Steam and the game ‘Oculus Quest 2’”.

The study was conducted by I’m-A-Puzzle where users can play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free, with picture puzzles and games of all types – from animals to bridges to landscapes and more.