4 Smart Ways To leverage QR Codes in Marketing

There are more people using smartphones than ever before. Although everyone is different, most people use their smartphones to connect with the world and the people in their lives. The use of smartphones also extends into the commercial space where more people than ever are using their devices to find and purchase the products and services they need. Businesses must advertise and market themselves to reach people. There are innumerable ways to do this, including using QR codes.

QR Codes

QR codes are 2D scannable square barcodes that direct people to specific web pages or help them complete specific actions. Let’s look at a few ways you can use them in marketing.

Give Customers Access To Exclusive Products are Discounts

People love exclusive products because these products make them feel special. For this reason, your marketing campaign can see a lot of traction and conversions if you use a QR code to direct users to these exclusive products. Let the user or potential customer know what they will get after scanning the QR code to entice them further to do so.

You can direct customers to discounted products once they scan your QR code. They can also have the discount applied directly when a webpage with the product is opened or enter their email address to get the code. Doing the latter is a great way of collecting emails that you can use in your email marketing campaigns later.

Allow Customers to Reorder Easily

You can add a QR code to the emails customers receive after purchasing a product or service. It should point to a page where the customer can buy the product again. Doing so can increase conversions, customer retention, and customer loyalty.

You can also use geolocation QR codes. These codes show product information when the customer is inside the store and display different information when they are outside it, such as shipping rates and how soon they can get the product after ordering.

Get Customers To Download Your App

If you have an app that you want your users or customers to download, you can use a QR code to send them directly to it. The best thing about such QR codes is that you can design them to convey your unique brand voice and brand identity.

For example, you can design a QR code that features your brand’s colors so someone can recognize it as soon as they see it. This way, they know they will be redirected to a webpage or asset belonging to your business, in this case, your app.

Shorten Customers Journeys

In a world where people want convenience, you can shorten their customer journeys using QR codes. You can eliminate the need to sign up, enter discount codes, or navigate your website looking for what they need.

Instead, you can create a frictionless experience that takes customers to the exact product they want to buy, with the discount code and everything else already taken care of for them.

QR codes can seem like simple graphics, but they are quite sophisticated and can be a beneficial tool for your marketing campaigns if used right. You can use them to provide better user experiences, get them to subscribe to a newsletter, provide product information, and make it easier for them to access exclusive products and discounts. All of these can benefit your business massively if other parts of your marketing strategy are working as expected.