Drive Pivotal – Car Security: How to Keep Your Car Safe

Once you’ve subscribed to a Drive Pivotal car, you’ll be looking forward to taking your new vehicle out on the road. A personal subscription with us can give you all the driving freedom you want.

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Like any car, however, there are some basic security measures you should consider so that no opportunistic thieves get their hands on your vehicle and take it from your possession.

Here we’ve detailed some tips you should follow to keep your car safe and out of the hands of criminals.

1. Using a steering wheel lock bar

Even if somebody manages to get into your car, having a lock across the steering wheel of the vehicle is wise and very effective. There’s no electronic system involved with this – just a simple, manual lock that is easy to manage with the key. This key is used to lock the bar in place, with each end jarring the steering wheel so that it can’t move. Without the key, it will be impossible to remove the lock bar, meaning the car can’t be driven off without you knowing.

2. Double-check you’ve locked it

It’s easy to just automatically assume you’ve locked your car because you know it’s a task you should do every time you step out of it, but there are occasional instances when things like this slip our minds. If you’re unsure, go back and make sure you’ve pressed that lock button before it’s too late; it’ll give you great peace of mind to know that you’ve done this and stop worrying in case you have accidentally left the vehicle unlocked.

3. Don’t display valuables in the car windows

One way to deter, or at least not attract opportunistic criminals to break into your vehicle, is to avoid leaving valuables, like electronics or money, in clear view. We would advise you to take valuables with you, but if you insist on keeping them in the car, put them in the boot or glove compartment instead. Your car is more likely to be broken into if you display expensive goods on the seats or floor, so bear this in mind.

4. Park your car indoors if possible

Garages are the perfect place to park your car so that thieves are less likely to know about the vehicle. A lot of criminals will head to a car parked in the street or on a driveway because they are much easier to access. If you don’t have a garage, consider putting a camera facing towards your vehicle from high up as a deterrent and so that you can have a video record of ongoings.

For any more information on car security or to inquire about a car subscription, contact the Drive Pivotal team today.