Why Is Latvia a Good Choice for Relocation

When reaching a certain age, many of us are willing to find a suitable place to settle down, lower the amount of city hustle and bustle, and enjoy a slower pace of life. While the idea is crystal clear, it is rather difficult to bring it to life, as there are a lot of options to consider, and there are always doubts about the right choice. Considering the current world affairs, cost of life, and overpopulation of central Europe, more and more people are shifting their focus to a less popular country for migration, yet with numerous opportunities to offer – Latvia.


Let’s look into the benefits Latvia can offer s and why it is becoming more and more noticeable among the relocators.

What Are the Reasons to Relocate to Latvia?

1. Affordability

Latvia, unlike the countries of central Europe, is less stressful for your budget, in fact, it is one of the most affordable options among the countries with a high quality of life. Life in Riga offers all the benefits of the European lifestyle, yet the price tag is significantly lower.

As for housing, the real estate in Riga, Latvia’s capital, starts from  €892 per square meter (sqm) in June 2023, which makes it one of the most affordable countries in terms of investments; the luxury-style apartments range from €1,700–4,000/sqm; the arable land is €4 331 per hectare.

Real estate in Riga is self-contained, offering all the utilities and commodores required for a comfortable stay.

The healthcare system consists of two types – state clinics and private ones. While it is not on the list of the best medicines in the world, its level of patient care is always the best. The ambulance will always arrive in the case of an emergency free of charge, yet the hospitalization will require payment. It is always possible to buy insurance, which will cover the medical services in private clinics, with all the benefits they offer.

2. Job opportunities

If you are looking into the relocation option, there is a high chance that you are a remote worker, or have some stable income from investments; however, it is always good to have backup options. Considering the progressive development of the Latvian economy, and financial stability, there are numerous opportunities for diverse employment.

Latvian job markets are foreigner-friendly as they feature a decent IT cluster and all the related positions and numerous options for native speakers of European languages (language schools).

3. Safety

Latvia is generally a safe country. It has no cases of nation-intolerance or gender-related issues; unlike central European countries, there is a low risk of terroristic attacks. The majority of tourists and expats claim Latvia to be one of the safest places they were to visit, apart from minor cases of petty crimes like pickpocketing (which is up to your vigilance).

4. Political and economic stability

Latvia is a country with a decent level of economic growth and stability; its economic freedom scored 72.8%, taking it to the 17th freest economy among European countries. Latvia can’t be called a country with a rich economy, yet, it is working its way toward improvements.

The political system is rather stable; with civil rights being respected in law and practice.

5. Immigrant-friendly attitude

Latvians are generally friendly and welcoming toward newcomers unless they cause trouble. They feel proud of their country being chosen among others for relocation. Although locals may seem a bit reserved at the beginning, they will always give a helping hand in the moment of need.

6. Weather conditions, and environmental aspects.

Last on the list, but certainly not the least important – the weather patterns and nature. Latvia with its nature is simply stunning, it is one of the most forested European countries. If you are an outdoor lover, Latvia should be considered as an option for relocation in the first place. Forests and parks cover more than half of the Latvian territory, Moreover, Latvians care deeply about their surroundings, maintaining the pristine beauty of their land.

The weather conditions aren’t as hot as the southern or central Europe, with comfortable temperatures in summer; yet the winter time will certainly bring you lots of snow and fun – the main X-mas mood-makers.

The Bottom Line

Latvia is a decent choice for those who are into a balanced and peaceful life. The country is working its way towards development, providing people with a high level of services and life. The country may not be listed among the countries with the strongest economies, yet, its growth can not be left unnoticed, especially in the fintech and digital solutions development. While the locals may feel financially restrained, the relocators with remote jobs will be able to enjoy life to the full.

Considering all the above-mentioned options, Latvia is recommended as one of the most suitable countries for relocation.