Why Work with a Recruitment Support Service?

Finding the best talent to fill a vacancy in your business isn’t always easy, especially in a difficult economic climate. High inflation, skills shortages and demand for flexible hours mean employers are having to work harder than ever to place candidates. However, you can boost your chances of recruiting the ideal candidates by working with specialists in this area. HR Consultants, Reality HR, discuss how their recruitment support service ensures you always get the perfect fit.

Recruitment Support Service

With help creating job specifications, screening candidates, interviewing, onboarding, and running psychometric testing from experienced recruitment professionals you can ensure the right person always gets the job – and that they’ll stick around.

Our advisers work as an extension of your team, supporting and advising to ensure you get the best out of your recruitment process.

What Are The Benefits of Working With a Recruitment Support Service?

Knowledge and expertise

Our advisers have extensive expertise, in which they understand the market and how to match the right person for the right role.

They will work to keep on top of candidate expectations, new platforms, trends and techniques. Our advisers are also knowledgeable on the latest employment legislation, to ensure your recruitment process stays compliant.

They can benchmark salaries against industry and roles, which means you can offer appropriate salary packages to the right candidates.

It is timesaving

It can be exhausting to work through high volumes of applications, especially when you are searching for a specific skill set.

As a recruitment support service we have specialist tools to screen CVs, resulting in less time sifting through applications. Our advisers will handle all the admin, from speaking with successful and unsuccessful candidates to validating qualifications and references.

Ultimately, this will shorten the time it takes to fill open positions, so you can focus on what you do best while they work their magic.

Access to high-quality candidates

You’ll also have access to a pool of high-quality candidates. They will have been pre-screened and selected to meet all the criteria and demands that you have set.

Over time, our advisers have built relationships with a network of top calibre candidates. They often know ‘passive candidates’, who are not actively searching for a job, and know how to persuade them to make a move.

A recruitment support service takes care of the interview process and beyond

Not only can we start the process of narrowing down applicants with screening, we can conduct interviews on your behalf.

We go beyond just filling positions, and curate a bespoke experience, ensuring the candidates not only have the right skills but also align with your company culture.

We also don’t stop with the hire – once we have found successful candidates, we support with onboarding, probation and development as your new employees grow with you.

What Are The Benefits of Working with Reality HR and What Services do we Provide?

At Reality HR, our team of HR Consultants work with you, to understand your business and how to best meet its needs.

We are flexible – so we can take care of the whole recruitment process, or just the parts where you need extra support. This includes developing job specifications, conducting interviews, running assessment centres and psychometric testing.

You can access our Recruitment and Selection toolkit, which can support you with the full recruitment process – from a manager identifying the need to recruit and a new employee joining. This is an easy-to-follow guide with notes and templates, including one hour’s support from an HR Consultant.

You may also benefit from reading our free Recruitment and Retention Guide, which offers guidance for employers and managers on how to attract, recruit and retain a talented workforce.