Advantages of Getting a Business Website Alongside Your Social Media Presence

It’s easier than ever to start a business using social media. Some entrepreneurs find success here, where they can reach out to customers and manage their enterprise from a convenient page on Instagram or Facebook. While every business should have a social media presence, it’s often worth considering a dedicated company website to up your game.

Social Media Presence

Own Your Web Presence

First, it’s a great idea to have a company website so you own your web presence. There are a lot of unpredictable factors that could interfere with your business when operating on social media. Keep social media pages for marketing and outreach but use a company website to scale your business presence.

From there, the site will become your hub online. You can use it to draw in leads and build a mailing list, and even throw in promotions if that’s compatible with your product. Many online businesses do this – consider iGaming or on-demand video. It’s a common practice to offer free trials or casino offers and promotions, which take the form of free spins on certain games and deposit bonuses to new accounts. While some social media sites offer polls and other ways to facilitate a promotion or giveaway, hosting one on-site gives you more control over the audience and makes your brand name go further.

If you’re planning to scale a business, setting up a company website also shows professionalism. The earlier you can set one up, once viable with your financial situation, the more it will benefit you as your brand grows and audiences get used to going to the site. Having your own website portrays credibility, making wary customers more willing to do business with you.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

SEO is a very important part of online business nowadays. While it can be used to nudge your social media pages closer to the top of a results page, ranking a company website is much better for your brand. When you run a website, you can use tried and true SEO methods on the back end of the site to make it rank higher.

It also gives you more freedom to post content on-site. On social media, you are limited by short posts, images, and other restricted mediums that the site is built around. This isn’t the case with your own website. Many business sites construct a dedicated blog section that houses longer, informational content about their industry. Doing this can drive organic traffic and help you rank for industry-critical keywords, further improving your search page rankings. Remember that SEO is just part of your marketing strategy.

Better Market Research

While SEO is great at taming search engine algorithms, it takes market research and accurate metrics to know what your audience likes and where their clicks go. Some social media sites are better than others when it comes to displaying interaction metrics, though none of them are better than your own site.

When building your site, even if it’s a simple WordPress site, you can install a lot of plug-ins and tools that offer very valuable insights into customer behaviour. For example, click maps and scroll maps that show where your visitors are clicking and how much they scroll down long pages. These can be used to reorient your site so that critical, lead-generating prompts appear where the user’s attention is focused. It can also help with ad placement, if pursuing that as a form of further monetisation.

Thus, while social media may have its fair share of advantages, your own website helps add credibility, draw in organic traffic, and, provide key insights into user behaviour, making it an invaluable avenue to scale your business.