In These 3 Areas, You Can Maximise the Growth of Your Online Shop

Order processing refers to the management and fulfilment of all customer orders, including verifying all customer information, payment authorisation, preparing the products for the shipment process, and keeping track of the location of the goods after they have been shipped. Looking for the best solution in shipping can be challenging for any business, so it’s crucial to work with a company with plenty of experience in the field. Outsourcing can help your online shop thrive and allow you to develop a more robust ecommerce strategy.

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Monta operates within nearly twenty warehouses across Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and can help make all the necessary arrangements for you. Using personalised software, you can dispatch all the orders yourself so that you remain in control of the proceedings. 

Cross-Border Sales

As the name suggests, cross-border sales are ecommerce transactions that occur within an international audience. They are usually carried out through an online marketplace. Over the past few years, shopping online has become steadily more visible in the consumer world, and most shoppers resort to it because of its accessibility, ease of use and the possibility to access products from all over the world regardless of your physical location. 

Fulfilment includes the fundamental processes involving logistical order handling that start from the very moment when merchandise is received at the warehouse to the moment when it is shipped to the end users. However, what sets the company apart is its attention to detail and commitment to high-quality services. Businesses of different sizes are working with sales services, from those assembling a few thousand orders a day to those exceeding several millions. 

If the sales are increasing and they’re occurring across borders, choosing fulfilment can be a huge help. This approach takes care of everything for you, from the storage and packing to the shipping and returns. Maintaining seamless contact with the customers throughout the shipping process can be tricky, and allowing a third party to help you manage means that the resources will be put to better use. 

An excellent cross-border selling store should only include partnerships that allow you to create smooth operations. Working with a reliable partner who can adequately care for the proceedings is crucial. Order processing should be fast and efficient, involving picking the packages from the warehouse and checking them once more before they are packed for delivery. For instance, those orders that arrive a couple of minutes before midnight should leave at around a quarter past midnight so that the end user can receive them in a few hours. 

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Giving customers control over the delivery of their orders is another essential part of e-commerce fulfilment since the clients have the option to go between different delivery options. This feature enables increased sales, seeing that returns are higher and revenue levels continue growing. Even same-day delivery is possible, and end users can pick between the different carriers. Since multi-carrier shipping is a prerequisite of worldwide shipping, it’s crucial for the system to operate adequately and ensure the processes are smooth. 

Choosing a time and day slot is also a popular option for customers so that people can choose the exact time slot when they want their orders delivered. If you choose to ship the orders yourself, you will likely discover that the work is incredibly time-consuming and wastes a lot of your resources that could be used elsewhere and much more efficiently. You have to buy and manage software all on your own, as well as monitor the activity of all the carriers continuously and simultaneously. 

Outsourcing these tasks guarantees the best price-to-quality ratio you can get and real-time insights into the stocks 24/7. You have complete access to accurate and detailed overviews of a large amount of data, including the best sellers and additional stock requirements, information that can provide insights into how to structure your marketing strategy in the future. The system allows you to find the quickest solution if your stock is stored in various houses throughout different countries. If multiple items are stored in other locations, you can also ship them at the same time and then either transfer them to a warehouse from where they can later be sent to the end-user or split them so the end user receives several packages. 

Return Management – RMA Module

Return processes can be pretty complex and challenging, but they are essential for the good functioning of any online shop. All customers want the liberty to return products and have a seamless, stress-free experience throughout. The return module allows orders to be sent back swiftly, thanks to the Return Merchandise Authorisation, also known as the RMA module. This system allows the creation of a smooth return flow, and refunds are processed almost immediately. The RMA has become a necessity in recent years as online shopping continues to evolve into the preferred choice for many buyers. 

According to research, over 40% of consumers place online orders intending to return at least some of them. The system makes the processing much simpler so buyers can initiate returns faster. Packages can be dropped at a pickup point or even retrieved from the customer’s home or any other location they might use. The online shop owner doesn’t need to complete any additional action at this stage. 

Customers can take matters into their own hands and handle some of the administration themselves. All they need to do is log into the module and indicate which product they want to return. They must also provide a reason for the return. In many cases, clients don’t want to make a return but rather obtain an exchange and get an item in a different colour or size. Then, at the drop-off point, all the customer has to do is show the code. From then on, the package is handed to a carrier and will be returned to the warehouse, where the rest of the processing will be completed. Later, after inspection, the product can be resold if it is determined that it is in perfect condition. 

Shipping and logistics are challenging aspects of any business, but it’s essential to be mindful of growing this sector sustainably and efficiently. The world is increasingly keen to shop online, and not having a good ecommerce strategy will impact your revenue and company growth.