What is Pocket Gamer Connects (PGC) London?

The gaming industry is highly competitive, especially when they have game releases due around the same time as some competitors. With that being said, as with many tech industries, events and exhibitions are held to share ideas and attend talks to help the industry move forward. PGC London (Pocket Gamer Connects) is one such event.


Pocket Gamer Connects London is a global industry event held in London from the 22-23 of January. As well as being In London, similar events are held in San Francisco on March 18-19 and Helsinki on October 1-2.

What to Expect at PGC?

Pocket Gaming Connects hosts multiple different panels on topics ranging from audience growth to game development insight, AI, mobile gaming and much more.

PGC provides opportunities for businesses both big and small, and even has a focus on supporting indie developers through their “The Big Indie Zone”. It allows Indie devs to book a 2-day table to show off their creation.

From tracks to guest speakers, PGC London will provide you with all the tools necessary to help grow in your position and help your business to prosper.

PGC Tracks

Each segment is separated into a track, and these tracks all cover a vital aspect of the game industry that can be used to increase revenue or to increase worker’s skill levels.

If you are a professional in the industry and are considering registering your attendance, here are some of the tracks that you can expect to see and what you could learn:

Ad Insights- The very latest in-game ads will be discussed to help companies increase their revenue. Expert advice will be given on trends and what to keep an eye on in the year ahead.

AI Advancements- From scriptwriting to programming techniques, AI and Machine Learning can be used to ease the game development journey.

Alternate Revenue Models- Learn how to diversify your profits through new revenue streams.

Audience Accelerator- Discussing methods of optimising campaigns, helping to improve your user acquisition techniques.

The Developer Toolkit- Gain invaluable knowledge in game development as well as learn the latest optimisation techniques and teamwork strategies.

Publishing Power- Gain insightful information into game publishing. This also includes knowledge regarding cultural differences and different regulatory standards.

IP Unlocked- Helping you make the most of your original property.

These tracks are just the tip of the iceberg, with there being many more to look forward to at the industry event. These tracks all include invaluable knowledge in an area of the game industry that will be sure to help boost your performance.

What Tracks Are There at PGC?

The full list of tracks available to you at Pocket Gaming Connects are:

  • Alternate Revenue Models
  • Audience Accelerator
  • Game Dev Stories
  • Big Screen Gaming
  • Industry Visions and Values
  • Creative Kingdom
  • Global Trends
  • Master The Multiplayer
  • Live Ops Landscape
  • Ip Unlocked
  • Incredible Indies
  • Building on Blockchain
  • Webstore Wizardry
  • Marketing Mavens
  • Ad Insights
  • Future Formats
  • Monetiser
  • Developer Toolkit
  • Recruit and Restart
  • Show The Money
  • Publishing Power
  • Virtual Visions
  • UGC Update
  • The Growth Track
  • Game Maker Insights
  • Web3 Wonders
  • AI Advances
  • Digital Policy Decoded
  • Mobile Evolution

Pocket Gamer Connects Guest Speakers

On top of all the tracks available to you, PGC also features over 200 expert speakers. From developers, to studio directors and CEOs, the wide variety of diverse speakers means that there will likely be someone in a similar position to you who can then provide insight into your role.

Some of the guest speakers include:

  • Paul West (Fumb Games, Founder)
  • Felix Braberg (Consultant, Head of Ad Monetisation)
  • Kelly Vero (Core Games, Founder)
  • Susan Cummings (Tiny Rebel, Managing Director)
  • Jim Ying (CVCapital, Executive Director)

With over 200 guest speakers, this is an industry event that you do not want to miss.

Why Attend Industry Events?

While a lot of the information you may find at these industry events could easily be recapped after the event, maybe you could even find it elsewhere. Experiencing the event firsthand may provide insights you didn’t think about previously.

Guest Speakers can also give a more personal account of industry practices that could put things into a different perspective for you. Networking is also a bonus to these events. Making new business connections could be just the thing your business needs to boost its profits.

Companies like Bandai Namco, Devolver Digital, Nintendo, Samsung and Sega have all been a part of PGC in the past. Missing out on insights from industry leaders like these would be a mistake.

This event is a must if you are looking to expand your business or if you are looking to stay up to date with the latest trends.