What is The Copenhagen Gaming Week?

Gaming is a fun hobby and pastime. Spending time playing your favourite games, looking up the latest news, or watching content creators are all activities many gaming enthusiasts enjoy. If this is not enough to keep you interested, then there are plenty of gaming conventions and events like the Copenhagen Gaming Week that have the latest games to try out, and so much more.

Copenhagen Gaming Week

What to Expect at The Copenhagen Gaming Week

The Copenhagen Gaming Week is a cross between a gaming convention and an industry event. The convention features some playable games as well as cosplay events for everyone to enjoy.  However, the week has less of a focus on new games to play from AAA and Indie developers and a larger focus instead on esports and programs that include talks and presentations.

Some of the programs and esports listed include:

  • FIFA
  • Counter-strike
  • Game developer talks- Arts and Design
  • Game developer talks- Business and Finance

The event also has a focus on regular sports like football and a Streetsport Jam. One of the advantages of this event over other similar events is its focus on talks from people within the game developer circle. While other conventions do have these, they usually are pushed to the side for other, more exciting events. For Copenhagen Gaming Week, this is further helped by it not being too big of an event. With less going on, you will be more likely to benefit from the masterclasses.

When is the Copenhagen Gaming Week

The Copenhagen Gaming Week starts on the 12th and runs until the 14th of January. It takes place in the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. Despite its name, it runs for 3 days. However, these days are still filled to the brim with events, activities and exhibits to make the most of your time.

Gaming Conventions in the UK

In the UK, there are plenty of gaming conventions and events to look out for. One of the main events is EGX.

EGX is a gaming convention that happens later in the year, around October. The convention takes place over 4 days at the ExCel center. It features upcoming game releases, indie games, retro and arcade games and even tabletop games, all of which anyone can play. The event also has esports and competitions, some of which are professional, and some that the public can join in with.

It has a cosplay scene, career stalls, and an area for merchants. As well as all this, there are opportunities to listen to people from influencers to industry experts on a stage.

Attendance to this event is as simple as buying a ticket from their website, with day passes, early access (Which let you in an hour early) and Super passes (All 4 days) being available. They also offer a discount if you are with Virgin Media, due to Virgin being a sponsor for the event.

There are also some other conventions to look forward to, some that are based around gaming, and some that have it as part of a bigger convention:

  • UK Game Expo
  • Multiplay’s Insomina Gaming Festival
  • Northern Lights Pinball Show
  • ComicCon

If you are looking for solely a gaming experience then London ComicCon may not be for you, however, it’s still an event you don’t want to miss if you are a fan of pop culture.

With some smaller gaming conventions dotted around throughout the year, it is worth looking into your local area to see if there is something going on close by to you.