The Benefits of e-signatures for Small Businesses

You can pay for your coffee by simply tapping your phone. It is relatively easier to communicate with your colleague instantly through Messenger. And it has become pretty simple to send a document across the world in mere seconds. Your employees and clients are already familiar with the quickly moving world. Therefore, it is no wonder that the usage of e-signatures has increased drastically over the last few years. But do you know that the advantages of an e-signature go beyond speed? The e-signature for small businesses by DocuSign can help you mitigate delays and get contracts finalised at record speed. Thanks to the e-signature solution, your company can now sign contracts within seconds from anywhere.


Improve the Experiences of Your Customers and Vendors

Your customers and vendors expect quick turnaround times. But with a traditional “wet signature,” it is not always possible to sign contracts faster. This is exactly where you can realise the benefits of an e-signature solution. With this revolutionary signature solution, you can allow your customers and vendors to sign any type of contract on any device.

Optimises Your Organisation’s Contract Management Lifecycle

It is common for small and medium-scale businesses to encounter delays in signing contracts. Most SMEs still rely on conventional methods to negotiate terms via email or awaiting wet signatures to finalise the agreements. The entire process can take weeks or months to complete. One of the most effective ways to improve your company’s contract management lifecycle is by implementing electronic signatures.

Always remember that electronic signatures are reusable. Therefore, they can be repeated throughout the lifecycle of the contract. On the other hand, every stakeholder involved in the contract can equally participate and authenticate in real-time. The software will automatically alert you if there are any mistakes.

Reduce Long-Term Costs and Improve Business Efficiency

As an SME, your main focus should be to boosting the productivity of your employees. The last thing you want is to see them engaged with wet signatures. With an e-signature, you can approve agreements quickly so that your workers can concentrate on the larger picture. From shared templates to a generation of documents, an e-signature solution allows you to tackle the trickiest challenges.

Cuts Down Your Storage Costs

A startup doesn’t have the flexibility to increase its storage costs unnecessarily. Filing paper-based documents like proposals and invoices can be cost-intensive. Moreover, you also have to consider the cost of other items like cartridges, printers, and photocopiers. An e-signature solution from DocuSign can help you address storage costs effectively. It can securely store the copies of your documents in the cloud. There is no need for a physical storage space when you have an e-signature solution.

Protects Your Documents from Accidental Damages

Storing company-critical documents on-site comes with numerous challenges. For instance, improper maintenance can keep these documents prone to accidental loss and theft. Unforeseen natural calamities can also cause irreversible damage. On the other hand, electronically signed documents can be stored securely in the cloud.

A vast majority of e-signature software solutions come with military-grade encryption. Furthermore, you will have an end-to-end view of the authentication settings in a particular document. The regular backups in an e-signature solution protect your sensitive documents from corrupted servers.

Connect with Your Favourite Productivity Tools

You can now easily integrate your sensitive documents with your favourite productivity tools like Salesforce, Google, Zoom, etc. The best e-signature solution comes equipped with pre-built integrations and APIs. These aspects allow you to extend your signature workflows.

Reduces Errors in Your Company’s Workflow

A Small and medium-scale business don’t have the flexibility to commit errors. If these errors are not addressed on time, they can hamper your company’s productivity. The best way to address this issue is by implementing an e-signature solution. It offers a standardised and legible representation of the signature. There will be fewer chances of mistakes and inconsistencies in your company’s workflow with an e-signature solution.

Remote Authentication with an E-Signature Solution

It is normal for you to deal with numerous customers and partners worldwide. Manual documentation can take ages to complete. Remote authentication has become a reality nowadays, thanks to e-signature solutions. It only takes a few clicks to sign the document without any delays. Forget about scanning and printing your sensitive documents with e-signature software.

Using electronic signatures is one of the easiest ways for small and medium-sized businesses to minimise waste and drive more revenue. As e-signatures are becoming common, it is important that you don’t lag behind your competitors.