What Is HRIS And How It Can Benefit Your Business

The last couple of years really took a toll on HR managers, and now they are all burned out. The pandemic truly changed things and added more responsibilities to the HRs all over the world, and company structures had to change. If you work as part of a Human Resources team, you know how stressful it can get and that sometimes there are too many things to keep track of. Offline tracking and tracking in spreadsheets simply don’t cut it anymore. Luckily, great software is slowly but surely being introduced into companies – and we are talking about the HRIS. So, if you are not familiar with what HRIS is, let’s dive into it and see what it is and how it can benefit your business.


What is an HRIS and What Does It Stand for?

HRIS is an acronym that stands for the Human Resources Information System. This is a software that human resources professionals and teams use to complete their daily tasks. They use it to store and manage all employee data (including payroll, performance, reviews, benefits, training records and so much more). These HR systems are simply designed to help automate and speed up various HR processes and create a smooth streamline to manage all employee information.

What Type of Businesses Need This Software?

The short answer – any business that has employees. Businesses need to keep track of all relevant information, even if a company is small. HR workload can grow quickly and files and paperwork can slow down many processes. Big or small, all businesses can benefit from these systems. What’s more, there are many HRIS systems reviewed by experienced professionals, helping your company choose the best systems for your internal needs.

What’s more, smaller companies may not require a human resources professional, and this is when HRIS software can fill in that blank without the need to hire someone.

Main Benefits of HRIS Software

Now that we know what HRIS software is and its main types, let’s see how any business can benefit from its use.

Benefits for the HR team

Some of the main benefits that the software brings to the human resources team include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Streamlined Onboarding of Employees
  • All-in-one Location for Payroll and Scheduling
  • Easier Compliance

Increased Productivity

With HRIS software, HR teams can do their work more efficiently. It doesn’t matter if this department has only one person or an entire team, all processes are streamlined as they have the right tools.

Streamlined Onboarding

As this software centralizes all data into one HR database, HR professionals can always access, share, and use given information and avoid mountains of paperwork and sheets while onboarding new employees. This process can easily get hectic and chaotic without a good database of all processes regarding hiring.

For example, an HR representative can improve and automate the hiring process by sending automated emails to all candidates regarding their application status.

All-in-one Location for Payroll and Scheduling

Human resources have to stay on top of many tasks – scheduling, employee absences, recruitment, vacations, benefits, payroll, insurance, etc. It is not easy to keep track of all this in separate spreadsheets or on paper. With HRIS software, all those processes and key events in the company can be stored in one place. All this data is vital for a company’s operation, and when it is in one place, everyone can access it, more importantly, HR can save countless hours on each and every one of these processes.

Easier Compliance

Human resources always have to make sure all employees are compliant with the policies. Not only that, but they also have to make sure the company is compliant with all the laws and regulations issued by the government. This can be a lot for a team, but with HRIS, you once again have everything in one place.

Additionally, automated alerts can be set up to remind human resources that it is time to update policies and simply keep track of regulations and deadlines of any nature.

Benefits for Employees

The human resources department is not the only one that can benefit from good HRIS software. Employees can benefit, too, and it can help make them feel connected and more engaged with the company. Thus, the benefits for the employees include:

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Increased Empowerment
  • Increased Engagement

Easier Onboarding Processes

New employees can greatly benefit from easy and streamlined onboarding processes. It sets the tone for the new hires which overall contributes to employee retention and their success within the company. Additionally, employees have the opportunity to simply log in start their training, and grasp their role in a new team.

Increased Empowerment

As most HRIS software has a self-service feature, employees can manage their own personal information, in addition to managing their vacation requests, as well as benefits and various perks. This firm grasp of their own information can increase employee satisfaction. Plus, admin errors are reduced as employees can manage everything with automated processes and reminders.

Increased Employee Engagement

With HRIS, employees can easily access their training resources and even keep track of their progress and assessments. All this data can help them with career development, which can encourage employees to take on new training and improve their skills to reach their career goals.

Organizational Benefits

When organizations and companies start using HRIS, they can take advantage of a lot of benefits. These include:

  • Increased applicant quality
  • Faster recruitment
  • Improved branding of employees
  • Easier planning
  • Opportunities to identify talent within a company and their promotion
  • Closer alignment of company and employee values

When a human resources department is efficient, and employees engaged, the organization overall starts improving. With that, the company culture also improves.