The Benefits of Automated Packaging for Online Retailers

Retail online is a bustling landscape that is now more in demand for consumers in all demographics. With a growing need for outstanding services and fast fulfilment, businesses in e-commerce niches are now looking to upgrade packaging solutions to cater to a host of needs. Automated packaging technologies are stepping into the fray to completely transform these approaches, streamline processes and offer a whole new level of productivity when selling products of all shapes and sizes.

What is automated packaging and how does it work?

Sparck Technologies is at the forefront of automated packaging services and has designed machinery with innovative software that has the ability to take care of high-volume packaging needs. CVP Impack and CVP Everest installations will take a product order, scan it, measure it, construct a custom, made-to-fit box, secure it, weigh it and label it. As scanning protocols can be performed in three seconds per order and machinery works consecutively, 500 or 1100 boxes per hour can be completed (depending on the chosen model). This streamlines around 15 manual packing stations into one.

The top benefits of automated packaging for online retailers

There are simply so many advantages to automating packaging, and these can apply to online retailers and e-commerce businesses in all kinds of niches, regardless of their needs. CVP Impack and CVP Everest have the ability to package both single and multi orders and can build custom boxes that will cater to both soft and hard materials. As cardboard is cut and shaped to meet specific parameters, there will be less void fill and minimised material waste.

Automated packaging solutions are simply so functional that there is a wide array of advantages when replacing the traditional workforce, such as:

  • Reduced packaging material and corrugate spend
  • Higher volume output
  • Lower shipping costs with smaller packages and the ability to send more out at once
  • Increased efficiency for packaging and delivery
  • Tailored boxing solutions to meet a myriad of product dimensions
  • Greater productivity
  • Fewer human workers and workstations
  • The potential to scale production to meet demand
  • Streamlined services
  • Faster order fulfilment
  • The ability to set e-commerce businesses ahead of their competition
  • Build better brand trust and sentiment

There are also benefits to consider when it comes to environmental impact. For example, less packaging waste will end up in landfills, and e-commerce businesses will be able to curate actionable logistic plans that can help to reduce carbon emissions.

Why opt for Sparck Technologies?

When selecting Sparck Technologies, it’s also worthwhile to consider that this is a trustworthy brand that has been operating for decades and provides services and solutions across Europe and the US. As they have dedicated software, fulfilment will not only be efficient and reliable, but users will also be able to enjoy all of the features that come with a comprehensive suite of data products for in-depth reporting. This can provide performance data for better management and the optimization of packaging operations.