Hartrol Premium 1 Control CNC Control

The Hartrol Premium 1 Control CNC Control is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment engineered for unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and performance. It represents a leap forward in CNC technology, combining advanced features with user-friendly operation to accommodate the intricate needs of precision machining.

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Key features and specifications

The Hartrol Premium 1 Control supersedes the Hartrol Plus 1, 2, and 3 and is designed to be more user-friendly. The is a Mitsubishi-based controller with the Hartford-designed HMI. It’s a true example of implementing cutting-edge technology into real applications of CNC machining.

Key features

Additionally, certain apps have been installed into the machine to ensure that it can be utilised in the best way possible.

  • File Transfer: allows for the machine to run from internal memory, USB or a hard drive as standard.
  • CAM cycles: there are built-in CAM cycles which will write the program for the operator once the information has been filled in; you don’t have to type in the ISO program.
  • CAD/CAM: HartCAM allows the operator to either draw the part on the screen or for it to be uploaded as a DXF file. The operator can generate a G-Code using the built-in CAM software. Once the operator has proven that the simulation works, they can transfer the program into the memory, save it and run it directly.
  • Renishaw Set and Inspect: allows the operator to pick the cycle they want, i.e. spindle probe, contact tool setter, or laser tool setter. With a few simple inputs, the Macro for probing is generated on the machine and is ready to run.
  • Tool offset page: easily measures the tools and can give information on what a specific tool is in the spindle or the carousel.
  • User connect: full remote access and diagnostics with over-the-air updates.

Problem-solving features

All Hartford machines come with a built-in camera which can be accessed remotely via Team Viewer. The camera records 30 seconds before and after an alarm has gone off which allows for remote diagnostics.

Further to this, the machine has a process whereby rigid taping can be stopped to prevent damage from happening and drills from being broken. If a cycle gets interrupted in the middle of a tool change, the code M86 can be put into the control. As a result of this, the control will fully recover the tool changer.

Advantages for operators

Furthermore, the Hartrol Premium 1 Control has all of the M codes stored on it, which is extremely useful for operators. The machine has an in-built calculator which helps operators with sums and which also calculates the speed of milling/drilling.

There is also a countdown and timing feature which gives operators an idea of how long their session will be. Also, the machine has a full utilisation feature which allows operators to select when their shift will start and when it will end, the run time, idle time, alarm time, and handle time.

Managers will also have access to a monthly figure of how well the machine has done, which can also be given in the form of a percentage.

Benefits for manufacturers

The Hatrol Premium 1 Control CNC machine offers several benefits to manufacturers looking to enhance their production capabilities:

  1. Increased productivity: The automation and precision of the Hatrol Premium 1 significantly increase productivity, allowing manufacturers to meet high production demands without sacrificing quality.
  2. Reduced waste: Precision machining reduces material waste, which not only lowers production costs but also supports environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.
  3. Enhanced flexibility: The machine’s versatility in handling different materials and processes allows manufacturers to expand their product offerings and adapt to market changes.
  4. Improved quality: The high precision and accuracy of the Hatrol Premium 1 ensure that the parts produced meet stringent quality standards, essential for industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.

Applications of the Hatrol Premium 1 Control CNC Machine

The Hatrol Premium 1 Control CNC machine finds application across a broad range of industries due to its versatility and precision. Some of the sectors that benefit from this machine include:

  • Aerospace: For manufacturing complex aerospace components that require high precision and reliability.
  • Automotive: In producing precision parts and prototypes for the automotive industry.
  • Medical devices: For crafting intricate medical devices and implants with tight tolerances.
  • Electronics: In the production of precision components for electronic devices and assemblies.

The Hatrol Premium 1 Control CNC machine represents a significant advancement in CNC technology, offering manufacturers a powerful tool for enhancing their production capabilities. Its combination of precision, versatility, and efficiency makes it a valuable asset in the competitive landscape of manufacturing.

As industries continue to evolve towards greater automation and precision, the Hatrol Premium 1 stands out as a forward-thinking solution designed to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing.

Through its innovative design and advanced features, the Hatrol Premium 1 Control CNC machine not only optimises production processes but also contributes to the broader goals of sustainable and efficient manufacturing. As such, it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the manufacturing industry, providing companies with the means to achieve excellence in production and innovation.

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