15 Safest Jobs That AI Can’t Replace

In today’s digital era, advancements in AI have reshaped various industries. There is a rising concern among workers that it will cause a potential threat to their job security. AI replacing their jobs will leave them unemployed and uncertain about their future. This fear is justified but do you know there are some safest jobs that AI can’t replace in future? Some jobs require a high degree of emotional intelligence and social interaction or similar skills that are hard to replace with robotic activities.


A report by Forbes on 8 January 2024 says 60% of employees are worried that the use of AI will impact their jobs in the future. It is also estimated that 300 million jobs can be lost due to fast-growing technology use.

These statistical facts hype future job anxiety in numerous workers. They may look for options that can save them in the long run. That’s why in the guide below, we will discuss the safest jobs that AI can’t replace, including healthcare and creative fields, such as assignment writing help, business management, and many others. Let’s first talk about some truths associated with AI usage.

Can AI Eventually Replace Human Jobs?

The AI is designed to replace manual labour. It increases efficiency but can’t override the need for human labour at workplaces. For instance, AI can only work with machine input data. Anything less or more than the given instruction can’t be workable for these automation machines. Such situations are common in tech and manufacturing industries. So, if you fear AI will proliferate in all the sectors, that seems void in a practical mode.

What Are the Future Jobs That Can’t Be Replaced By AI?

Do you want to learn about jobs that AI can’t replace in 2024? AI has great applications at your workplace. Certain tasks are performed by AI, including automatic customer service and quickly processing large data sets. But these systems can’t do everything that a human can perform. Let’s take a closer look at the professions that can’t function without human workers. You can consider these options now or in the foreseeable future.

1. Healthcare Jobs

This sector is rich with jobs that AI can’t replace. The AI can’t replace the interpersonal skills that a healthcare professional owns. No matter what, people will remain an essential part of such jobs. They do provide bedside care to mental health support that seems impractical at the end of these automatic machines. That said AI can help healthcare professionals with some repetitive tasks such as organising data sets in Excel, making clinical notes, etc. However, it can’t replace this sector as a whole.

Some of the noticeable jobs AI can’t replace in the healthcare sector include.

  • General practitioner
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Therapist
  • Psychiatrist

2. Creative and Artistic Fields

Many creative artworks, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, etc., involve crafting something from one’s hand. These inventive undertakings are hard to replace by machines. Even computer-based work, such as that done by content writers, academic writers, or graphic designers, can’t be fully replaced with any form of AI.

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AI software simply can’t experience the unique creativity that a human mind can unwind. These creative IT jobs that AI can’t replace and specifically need to be done by the human service include,

  • Social media influencer
  • Social media marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Circus performer
  • Painter
  • Jeweller
  • Muralist
  • Dancer
  • Watchmaker
  • Blacksmith
  • Live musician
  • Fashion model

3. Skilled Trades and Construction

Your AI chat box can tell you how to install a pipe or wire in an outlet. You can gather all the details, but when it comes to implementation, human intervention is needed. You will need skilled workers in engineering, construction, trade, or other disciplines related to infrastructure and building homes.

These skilled workers can turn to AI for help managing customer accounts, sending invoices, processing data, etc. However, the labour specifically needs to be done by humans. Some engineering jobs that AI can’t replace include roofer, bricklayer, plumber, machinist, civil engineer, Mechanic, etc.

4. Academia, Education, And Training

There is no denying the fact that AI is a helpful research and study tool. However, it can’t replace the instruction that can be given by a knowledgeable professional. If you are learning directly from a subject specialist, the comprehension is way different than reading instructions given by machines. So, it offers jobs that AI can’t replace.

The AI generators can draw out data from existing data sets but they can’t add new insights in the field. Despite the increasing advances in this field, we will still need people who can serve as special education professionals, classroom teachers, scientific researchers, education administrators, historians, etc.

5. Service And Personal Care

Do you want to learn about future jobs that AI can’t replace? Service and personal care involving hair cutting, home cleaning, tattoo making, event planning, pet grooming, etc., will continue to require a human touch. These professionals can use AI for data collection or necessary tasks such as making plans or creating marketing material. In the end, it will require personal experience or empathy that robots can’t provide.

6. Business Management and Legal Fields

AI software can help you introduce innovations to your business. However, it can’t replace human leadership and emotional intelligence, which is essential for the success of any business. So, it can’t offer the critics business, law and other related fields. Reasons why generative AI can’t replace lawyers include,

  • AI generative is not completely accurate.
  • It can’t handle certain critical and nuanced items.
  • It can’t perform tasks that require human judgement, such as presenting the case in front of the jury, building good relations with clients, etc.

7. Environment, Agriculture, and Conservation

Our farmers and agriculturists often perform hard tasks. They visit forests and rivers to tile soil and plant crops. The AI generators can help you in performing such tasks but they can’t fully replace the whole sector. So, it offers jobs that AI can’t replace.

You need a human who can collect the samples, interact with the local community and make new discoveries. The AI can help professionals to monitor crops or consider livestock health. However, the jobs that can’t be replaced by AI include botanist, landscaper, agricultural scientist, arborist, etc.

8. Public Services and Community Work

There are jobs that AI can’t replace as they require community interactions, such as firefighter, paramedic, NGO worker, recreation manager, community organiser, etc. All of these public services require human presence.

These jobs require skills like decision-making, manual labour, and empathy, that is lacking if we totally depend on these automatic generators. You don’t need to be surprised to see these professionals using AI technology. Although it can enhance their work or optimise part of their job, but can’t perform it as a whole.

9. Utility Jobs

Although a large portion of utility operations is done by AI generators, some hands-on repair work still requires human service. For instance, a natural gas company can use AI to check the pipeline and scan for leaks.

Later on, humans can fix and secure the portion that is flagged by technology. These utility jobs that AI can’t replace include gas inspector, lineman, nuclear power plant manager, hydroelectric plant operator, etc.

10. Religion, Ethics, And Philosophy

Today, you can see that countless people serve in related sectors. Even in societies where people are devoted to their ideological stances, such practitioners hold a significant place in the community. Again, these jobs require empathy that is unlikely to be replaced by machines, so they provide jobs that AI can’t replace.

A machine can’t feel empathy for other human beings for wise decision-making. These practitioners are priests, monks, ethicists, philosophers, etc.

11. Media And Communication

In various media platforms, there is a chatter about how to use AI technology in journalism, video production, or research. However, don’t think that AI will fully replace the media and communication jobs. Some departments need employees to perform jobs that AI can’t replace. An investigative reporter can use AI to organise data.

However, we still need people to do the bulk of other roles such as TV news anchor, awards show host, seminar leader, On-location TV reporter, etc.

12. Food And Beverage

The food and beverage industry has many jobs that AI can’t replace, such as vintner, chocolatier, chef, baker, brewer, etc. All of these jobs can’t totally be replaced by AI automation. The AI can help them make new combinations of ingredients, plan menus, and organise recipes. However, there are some core tasks, such as testing and distilling, that need to be handled solely by professionals.

13. Humanitarian Aid Worker

Humanitarians are often responsible for handling emergencies and helping people affected by natural disasters. People in this sector work in areas like medicine, relief work, advocacy, consultancy, planning, administration, etc.

You might be cheered up by the fact that all of these tasks can easily be handled by the AI, but this is not the whole story. The AI can access big data to predict potential crises. However, it’s the human mind that can brainstorm ideas to find possible solutions. Consequently, such professionals can get here jobs that AI can’t replace.

14. Sports, Fitness, And Recreation

A software-generated machine can’t compete with the professionals who train the learner in person. Some of these jobs that AI can’t replace include coach, personal trainer, scuba diving instructor, surf instructor, sailing instructor, and snorkelling tour guide. It requires intricate human involvement. It makes it difficult for the machines to replicate the required tasks.

15. Academic Writing Services

There was a time when students used to be worried about their academic writing. The writing tasks, such as assignments, essays, and dissertations, take their real-time effort in data collection and then compile it in a given template. Today, the involvement of AI can make the whole process easier for you.

All you need is to instruct AI in the chat bar and within a second it will generate a bulky assignment. But do you know AI-generated data lacks creativity and human personalisation? Even in many institutions, its usage is banned because of quality and readability concerns. That is why students prefer to buy assignments online from professionals to get hassle-free documents that can maintain their academic integrity.

What Jobs Will Still Exist In 2030?

Certain jobs that AI can’t replace rely heavily on human skills such as empathy, creativity, and problem-solving. These job options will remain safer from AI automation in the future. Roles such as augmenting or overseeing are less prone to being replaced by machines in the future. This includes job options like travel agents or drivers, some fast-food cooks, or those involved in administrative, and legal jobs.

Which Career Is Best for the Future?

Victoria University provides a list of 10 in-demand jobs that AI can’t replace in the future. Among all the options provided, healthcare is at the top. It is considered the fastest-growing sector, with an estimated 14.2% future growth. You can enrol in the discipline of choice in healthcare.

Here, the options include,

  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedicine
  • Social work

What Is the Hardest Task For AI?

Most importantly, AI can’t understand daily life problems and can’t apply common sense reasoning to varying situations. The following text dissects the challenges that are the hardest to achieve by machines.

  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Predicting Future Events
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness and Consciousness
  • Dynamic Learning and Adaptation


Every learner who spends more than sixteen years completing a degree wants to secure a good position in the job market. They want to make a good amount of money and look for job security. They intend to secure a position that can benefit them in the long run. However, today, the introduction of AI tools in the workplace poses a threat to numerous workers. They fear that their job will be snatched by machines in the future as the efficiency is greater when done by AI generators. But it is not true as a whole.

Furthermore, securing a good job not only depends on completing a degree from a prestigious institution. The students must be good enough throughout their academic endeavours. It may involve performing well in coursework tasks such as assignments, essays, dissertations, etc. Unfortunately, many students lack the writing skills to craft these projects excellently. Hiring an assignment writing service UK can be beneficial if you are also struggling with making your assignments up to the mark. These professionals will ensure timely content delivery while not compromising the quality.