Improving Customer Services: Hospitality Industry

Customer service is an essential part of running a successful business. Within the hospitality industry, it’s almost a given that your focus as a company is set on the happiness of your customers. If you’re not giving your best to the customers, then there are plenty of other businesses elsewhere to take their customers.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to improve your customer service if you operate as a business in the hospitality industry.

Get feedback

One of the best ways to improve your customer service is by looking at the feedback of your previous and existing customers. Chances are, you have a lot of data available already through previous booking profiles and sales.

As a new business, that data might be in short supply but it’s still valuable data nonetheless. Think about how you could garner more feedback, for example, by conducting market research through focus groups.

Get in touch with your customers through customer surveys and feedback forms via marketing channels. This might be via emails, post, or even social media.

Send special offers to new and existing customers

One of the things that businesses forget when it comes to sending out offers to customers is that they’ll give them to new customers and forget about the existing ones. Those customers who stay loyal to your brand are a rarity and therefore should be treated like royalty!

Consider sending special offers to new and existing customers so that everyone is being considered. Offers and discounts on stays or visits to your venue are a fantastic way of hooking customers back in and enticing new customers to spend money with you for the first time.

When sending these offers, you’ll want them to land in front of the customer at the right moment. A great way to do this is through paid advertising but also more traditional forms of communication like SMS.

Exceed expectations with every interaction

Nowadays, customers expect a lot which is not surprising. We’re consumers of technology, an industry that has grown massively in recent years. With that, there’s an expectation that has become a lot more cut-throat for businesses across the board. If you’re not satisfying your customers, then you’re going to lose them – most likely!

Exceeding expectations is a way of ensuring your customers stay with your business, instead of looking elsewhere. What are you offering your customers currently? Are there any areas within the customer sales funnel where individuals could be nurtured further?

A good marketing strategy is key to ensuring customers move down the funnel and then buy again, and again.

Make use of technology

Talking of technology, it’s well worth utilising it where you can in order to make your efforts go further. Whether it’s using it for the benefit of your front desks where guests check-in or having a POS system that your restaurant or bar uses to manage on a daily basis.

Technology is vast and it’s readily available for businesses to take advantage of. You could also use it for your hotel concierge services in order to ramp up the efforts being made to satisfy customer satisfaction.

Train your staff

Your staff are an important asset to your business and when it comes to providing excellent customer service, you should be doing everything you can do to ensure your staff are delivering on their efforts to satisfy customers.

A good way to do this is by training your staff. Your staff should benefit from regular training, whether it’s on a monthly basis or done so every so often. There’s always something to be learned, even when it comes to the most senior and experienced staff members.

Look at where there might be gaps in the skillsets and knowledge of your staff. You might find that some staff members require a little more hand-holding than others and vice versa. Get the low-down from your staff on what help they need and don’t need.

Look at guest experience closely

Guest experience is an important part of your customer service offerings. Within the hospital industry, the experience is something that starts from the moment the customer walks through the door until they leave. Therefore, every element of the guest experience should be a memorable one.

It might be worth conducting some mystery shopper opportunities so that you can assess the guest experience from start to finish. There will be weaknesses that are highlighted by conducting these shopper experiences. From anything you learn through these assessments, you’ll be able to improve your guest experiences further in the future.

Define the services and make them unique

What services do you offer within your hospitality? Are there some services that you could make more unique or that might be missing? It’s worthwhile looking into the services that make your business stand out or looking at other hospitality businesses that are doing things that are making them more successful than your own.

These services are something that you should exploit but make them your own, rather than creating a carbon copy and stealing their business concepts. Define your services and aim to tailor them more so to your own business so that they’re memorable to customers. Your customers are more likely to then return for the same experience again.

Always look to improve your efforts year-on-year

With every year that passes, there should also be a year that you celebrate. It can be hard to find success when operating in this industry, so it’s good to celebrate your wins. At the same time though, you should always look to improve your efforts where you can.

Assess what you’ve done over the year and where there are improvements, look at how you could perfect this next year. Set objectives and realistic goals so that you can always improve and make more progress as a company. The more you can improve your business services, the better.

Improving your customer services is a crucial part of finding success within the hospitality industry, so use these tips to make every effort count in 2024.